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  1. *The renowned theme song hits the PA System as the crowd give out a decent pop to the savior of FSW, Alias Antonio. He walks out on stage, carrying a mic already, slowly ambling his way down to the squared circle*

    So after doing the Peep Show with my good friend Christian, it dawned onto me that the rejuvenation of the IWT was well under way with Trip's "departure". Not only that...

    *Alias enters the ring*

    Not only that, but Team FSW's victory at Survivor Series served as a TRUE eye-opener and a rude awakening, not only for this lackluster IWT roster, but for ALL of the audience that watches IWT on a regular basis. You can't take for granted what IWT force feeds you DAY BY DAY. Infact, you spit it out! That's what I did and look what I managed to accomplish at Survivor Series dammit. Jono and his little lapdog Trip truly believed that IWT was everything it claimed it was, the no-nonsense best damn wrestling company in the world! But look at that....they got proven wrong by a "dying c-grade company". That shows you just how bad of a deep, dark, abysmal hole IWT was stuck at. And me conquering IWT at Survivor Series is actually it's SAVING GRACE. It's actually the shovel that picks up the lifeless remains out of that hole and the tool needed to refurbish the stagnant IWT into what it used to be, that "no-nonsense best damn wrestling company in the world!".

    I'm the Savior of FSW, but I'm more than ready to become the Savior of IWT. And one of the first steps to become just that is bringing in fresh, NEW talent to this roster. Exciting, riveting talent! I'm going out of MY way to pave the way in this company, unlock and open the gate for this new talent to come in and experience what this company is all about, something Dat Kid wouldn't ever be capable of because his ego overrides every fiber of his being.

    This guy I've discovered though....he's compelling alright. His actions will perplex you, his words will entice you. But most importantly, his presence will shock the whole IWT Universe. You've seen glimpses of this man, including at Survivor Series, in the FSW vs. IWT match, but you don't know what he's about, hell, I don't even know what he's about.

    He knows what he's about though, and he's gonna show the whole world just what he's about. He's here to make an impact, and that's just what he'll do.

    IWT, please welcome, your future.

    *Alias points to the stage*
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    The lights faint in the arena and attention is turned to the titantron. A vignette commences of a black and white video with scenes of bleak nature and brutality. The screen shuts out and turns black as the last words of the stranger are spoken. A distorted video begins and theme music hits. A light shines on the center of the stage. The air is murky and smokey and figure is seen behind the cloud of haze. The shadow walks out of the obscurity and becomes visible. The man is wearing dirty jeans and a tan coat. His long black hair is seems un-kept and covering his face is an eerie plain white mask. The IWT crowd bareilly recognized the man as Trevor Raynor. He walks down the ramp at a usual pace however the music and attire keep the scene chilling. Raynor enters the ring and unsheathes a microphone out of his coat pocket. He does not hesitate to begin his address as the music quickly fades out...

    The biggest mistake I have ever made, is letting people into my life for longer than deserved. I've made this fault too many times. I've tried to detect my fragilities for so long and It took something frightful for me to see why I've never been what I've sought out to be. So many times I've tried to burst through the glass ceiling and as many times that I've felt like I've been knocking at it, I've really never been anyway near it. As my stock fell I saw people I was told were my ally and people who were supposed to be partners, leave me behind gasping for air and struggling to survive. Too many times was I promised a chance at triumph, certainly a leap, and in turn given a slap in the face. Too many chances I've had I have been embarrassed, when a sure win ends up being a shaming defeat. I wear this mask, to hide that person. He is dead. Today we celebrate the birth of Rayn and the death of Trevor Raynor. One month ago he left IWT out of embarrassment. Someday I hope he can be resurrected. Hopefully at the right moment this mask will no longer be needed and Trevor Raynor will be born again. For now, the mask remains, and Rayn waits for what is deserved.

    I give grace to the man Alias Antonio. Notably, I get the most immense guidance from him and not my promised friend. What he sees in me I am not sure but, I have guaranteed to not dissatisfy him. My pathway to prestige has been paved by him. I anticipate to gain from him. but, before I can't truly begin my stroll down the direction to prosperity, there is unadorned issues. I'm here to confront the man that has stunted my progress. The bastard that kept me down while he was supposed to be bringing me up. Come to me.

    Rayn lowers the microphone and waits for the man to arrive.
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  3. [​IMG]

    A bright white & pink attire makes its course on stage as portions of the crowd begin cheering. The eccentric-looking personality approaches the ring with diligence and pride as he looks to the crowd and absorbs the moment.

    The man in the vibrant pink & white attire plants his feet firmly in the ring where Rayn stares intently at him. Although the mask shadows Rayn's expression, the sporadic movement in his eyes reveal feelings of shock as well as anger. Alias Antonio is absolutely fuming, seemingly panting in a heavy manner and pacing back and forth in the ring. Slapping the ring ropes and shouting unintelligible lines at both Rayn and the man dressed in pink & white, Alias Antonio seems very upset by the unfamiliar face's appearance. Some portions of the crowd can be heard cheering as where the majority does not recognize the face. However, given both Rayn's and Antonio's vehement reaction to the man, the crowd seems rather interested. The man is handed a mic. He raises it to his mouth and hesitates before speaking as he stares down Rayn and Antonio.

    Didn't see this coming did you, Rayn? Oh, I'm sorry. Here you are, anticipating an apology from someone who "staggered your process." What about me, Rayn? What about LARS!? Funny seeing you complaining about your status after you left me laying on my back, stabbed me as I was laying down and wrenched the proverbial knife inside me. ...It's all good buddy. Where as you were planning your return to IWT, I was paying my dues, shedding my blood, my sweat, my tears to make my name MEAN something! I made my statement, I worked ever so diligently to achieve greatness, yet I felt so unbelievably unaccomplished when I did because I knew scum like you were creating buzz on a big stage like this! Yeah, I'm looking at you too, Alias. You sorry piece of trash!

    Alias Antonio and Rayn switch their attention from Lars to themselves and back to Lars. Alias looking increasingly vexed.

    So you're looking to make a name for yourself, aren't you, Rayn? You're ready for a new beginning? So am I. The problem is that you're trying to reclaim your spot and I have to prove why you, the backstabbing S.O.B that you are DOES NOT deserve so! There's only one winner, one loser. This is why I approach the IWT brand NOT to make headlines, but to eliminate you and your disgusting intentions from the face of this company because it's what I deserve! I know for sure it's what these fans want to see, Rayn! They don't like you... but you know that, don't you? See, I know you don't have a problem with rubbing people the wrong way, but sooner or later you have to realize that one day people are going to benefit from seeing you suffer. And Rayn... that's when you're going to realize that payback is a bitch.
    Crowd pops

    Oh, and Alias... when I'm done with your pet project, you're next. LARIATO Lars is the name, IWT fans, and I'm giving you what is deserved.

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  4. Rayn takes a step back from Lars and heightens the microphone back to his white expressionless mask. Rayn seems to have trouble finding the words to say. Rayn cautiously steps towards Lars again and gets right in his face. Rayn looks down at the microphone and almost says something but then takes it back. Rayn looks back up at Lars and they stare into each other. Alias Antonio can be seen in between them, anxious to what is about to happen next.


    Rayn hits Lars in the side of the head with his microphone and they begin to trade fists. Alias steps out of the ring instantly and watches from the outside with a smirk. Lars beats Rayn down to one knee and pauses. Lars observes the crowd as the cheer loudly. Lars runs and hits the ropes and hits a scissor kick on Rayn laying him out on his back. Lars gets up and goes to the corner and starts shouting obscenities at Rayn, calling for a Lariat. Rayn starts to make it to his feet he turns around and Lars charges at him. Lars swings wildly attempting his Lariat but Rayn ducks under the arm. Lars turns around meets a kick to the gut from Rayn and Rayn hits The Stunner! Lars bounces back and rolls to the apron seemingly incapacitated for the moment. Rayn gets up and begins taunting and shouting nonsense to crowd as they shower him with boos and insults.

    Rayn looks startled yet pleased at Jwab's theme. Rayn starts pacing the ring and calling for Jwab to get out here. The crowd starts cheering at Jwab as he is seen sprinting through crowd. He leaps over the barricade and slides in the ring and takes Rayn by surprise. Jwab hits Rayn in the back of the head with a clothesline and begins beating down on his head. Jwab gets back up and signals for the Jwabtitsa Bomb. Jwab brings Rayn's head up and locks it between his knees, lifts him up and plants him down with force, the wind visibly being knocked out of Rayn. Jwab gets up and takes a moment to raise his hands in triumphant until turning around to a massive Lariat from Lars, knocking Jwab out cold. Lars slowly turns to Rayn and pulls Rayn up by one arm and hits a Clothesline From Hell, Rayn's mask audibly cracking at impact. Rayn rolls out of the ring desperately trying to cover his face despite being nearly killed by Lars's arm. Rayn lays face down as Alias helps Rayn recover. Lars goes to the top rope and raises one arm and stares down Alias as the crowd adores their new hero.
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  5. *Alias hastily grabs a mic and shakes his head violently, looking at Lars from outside the ring, still smirking however.*


    *Alias regains his composure and looks over at Rayn.*

    But this, this ladies and gentlemen, is the future of the IWT. This is what I meant by reinvigorating the IWT and mold it into something indestructable and full of hope, which was something that couldn't be said about the IWT at Survivor Series. I hope you 3 men know what's the task at hand. It's do or die for this company, and you'll all go through everything I have, all the ups and downs. Yes, even you Jwab. We started the same path but yours diverted into something shameful and pathetic. Now it's time to right that wrong. Rayn has already right that wrong. And Lars, make sure you don't ever have to right any wrongs, that's my piece of advice.

    Listen, we don't need some petty GM's approval for this. Because this is happening regardless of what anyone says. At the Anniversary Show, the 3rd IWT anniversary show. The very same event where I started my singles career. You guys will square off in a Triple Threat match. It's time to prove your worth, boys. Sink or swim. Are you good enough to carry this company into prosperity?

    The Alias', the Joey's, the Kid's. Those won't last forever. It's time to step up to the plate and continue this companies legacy.

    Because at IWT's 3rd Anniversary Show, it's going to be Jwab vs. LARIATO Lars vs. Rayn. Triple threat match. *crowd pop*

    Fight....fight for everything you've ever dreamed about. The dream is a distant vision, but the ability to turn that dream into reality is something you'll all eventually learn, regardless of the distance.

    Good luck.

    *Alias pats Rayn in the back, whispers something into his ears, and walks up the ramp, leaving the 3-men to stare at eachother.*
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