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  1. Looking at the card for WWE Payback, I am quite certain most agree that it’s a rather solid one and it would be no exaggeration to say that at least half of these matches could have easily taken place at Wrestlemania. Better yet, this PPV in general looks a lot better than Wrestlemania and if you wonder why, well, just look at the build, the storylines that make sense and, well, there you have it. It doesn’t always have to be complex stuff folks and while there are definitely some loopholes here and there, the bottom line is it’s a PPV that WWE have made us look forward to.

    Kalisto vs Ryback for the U.S. Championship

    I honestly have no idea why we are getting this match again and I also don’t see why Ryback is granted another match after losing clean at Wrestlemania. We’ve barely seen any of these two since Mania, the title itself has become meaningless and overall it’s a match that very few could give a fuck about.

    Nevertheless, my pick here is Ryback, which I feel is the rather obvious choice and something that should have already happened at Wrestlemania. I mean, it’s not like WWE gave Kalisto much of a push ever since he became US champion, nor did the belt become special again (the Cena days really feel so far away) so why not? I won’t say Ryback is the ideal guy but at least it opens up some possibilities down the road, like Apollo Crews for example, who at this point really needs something significant to do rather than simply beating up midcarders like Adam Rose and Stardust every week. You surely can’t be doing that forever…

    Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

    This could be a tricky one but common sense says Corbin goes over and I honestly can’t see how this could go any other way. Then again, no one expected Y2J to defeat AJ Styles at Mania and it happened anyway but nah, it would make zero sense.

    Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillains

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one saying this, but it’s almost as clear as day that the Dudleys interfere and cost Enzo and Cass the match. As much as I’d love to see Enzo and Cass take on the New Day, I don’t see WWE doing face vs face right now (if this is to happen, I feel Summerslam is the right place and time to do so) plus the Vaudevillains at this point definitely need the push more.

    Charlotte vs Natalya

    I have very little doubt that Charlotte will retain once again (if they didn’t give it to Sasha at Mania, it makes little sense to give it to Natalya a month later) and I only hope that she finally wins clean. Seriously WWE, enough with the Ric Flair shenanigans….

    Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

    This has all the potential to be the MOTN and it’s about time WWE worked on this build with the awesome video package they gave us on RAW this past Monday. Aside from motn, this is clearly not a feud that will simply end tomorrow night; oh no, we just getting started with this one.

    As far as who draws first blood, it’s pretty much a fifty-fifty split but I’ll go with Sami Zayn only because he’s put up some incredible matches these past weeks on RAW without a win to show for.

    Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

    It’s really sad having a guy like Ambrose, who is so over with the crowd, wasted in meaningless storylines and getting fucked over in the process by losing every feud. I mean, why and what exactly are Jericho and Ambrose fighting for? Don’t get me wrong, I was calling for the match months ago for Wrestlemania but you mean to tell me this is the best storyline they came up for these two?

    Anyway, let’s hope they at least don’t fuck up the ending and give Ambrose the win because I feel it’s come to a point where he really can’t afford another loss. What would another loss in a significant match do for his credibility?

    Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles

    While Roman Reigns is the obvious winner in this one (unless WWE were to grow some balls, that is), there’s definitely a lot of intrigue in this story and I find I quite pleasant that they have us guessing as to what may go down.

    How do Gallows and Anderson fit in and who (if anyone) do they help? Does Balor show up? What did Roman Reigns mean by “we” when referring to the Roman Empire a couple weeks ago on RAW? Are we in for a new faction led by Reigns? Will AJ turn heel and align himself with Gallows and Anderson, only for the Shield to reform on the other hand?

    Like I said, numerous ways WWE can play this and the potential is undoubtedly there so hopefully WWE can deliver something big?

    Vince McMahon Announcement

    This can go down a couple of different ways. Vince can say “neither” and bring back, say, Eric Bischoff (though it’s been done already but throwing it out anyway) or say “both” and go ahead with the much talked about brand split, which by the way I am not the biggest fan of right now and under the current circumstances. Then again, he could just pick Shane alone or Stephanie alone for the job but I really doubt it’s going to be that simple.
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  2. In regards to the McMahon announcement, I feel as though a split would be the most beneficial. They've recently called up a few nxt guys, grabbed some other talent, and are starting to add some nice depth to their roster. It would give more people the chance to shine, and some decent competition amongst the wrestlers. The only thing that's missing is a 2 hour Raw. 3 hours every single week is way too much. It's like 2 movies back to back. Every week.
    I definitely wouldn't be against the split. Heck then you'd have Shane doing Raw steph on smackdown and trips building nxt talent. And besides, Vince was around Shane's age when he took the reigns so it only makes sense.
    Either way I'm definitely looking forward to this ppv and other than mania (which wasn't thaaaat great of a build) I haven'treally been too excited for one in a while
  3. - Kalisto vs Ryback
    Prediction: Even though this is the least predictable match on the card and it totally doesn't matter, I gotta go with Ryback here. Kalisto got his little moment on the pre-show at Mania and hasn't done anything with the title since. I mean, the US title has been booked to shit ever since Cena dropped it, so here's to hoping this could be the start of something good if/when The Big Guy wins it. inb4 Ryback wins and appears to be a transitional champion and loses the title to Cena when he returns on May 30th.

    - Corbin vs Ziggler
    Prediction: This is quite easy. Corbin wins. There's no value in DZ beating Corbin. Now, I don't like Corbin, but they had him brought up to the main roster and had him win the ATGMBR right away, so his streak of decimating people will likely continue. Plus, everybody's beat Ziggler at this point, so the odds of Corbin defeating Ziggler, according to Professor Steiner, are 141 and 2/3 chance.

    - Enzo & Cass vs The Vaudevillains
    Prediction: The Vaudevillains win. I, too, reckon The Dudleyz will screw over Enzo and Cass and allow Gotch and English to pick up the win.

    - Ambrose vs Y2J
    Prediction: Ambrose wins. The dude needs a win following his loss to Lesnar at Mania. Y2J probably disappears after Payback. Or, Y2J wins here, leading to a match at Extreme Rules (involving an extreme stipulation) where Ambrose wins.

    - Charlotte vs Natalya
    Prediction: Same result from NXT TakeOver and Roadblock. The women's champ retains. Bret Hart perhaps gets to punch Ric Flair to a pop, but Charlotte still wins.

    - Zayn vs KO
    Prediction: This could go either way, obviously, but I think Zayn will win via roll-up/small package/whatever. KO flips out and goes apeshit on Zayn after the match, quite possibly doing a Powerbomb on the ring apron and come Extreme Rules time, these two will square off once again, but this time involving some sort of an extreme stipulation, like a Last Man Standing match, for instance.

    - Cesaro vs The Miz
    Prediction: Cesaro wins... Via DQ. I'm totally expecting Maryse to cause the DQ when Cesaro is about to finish off her husband. Then, Cesaro wins at Extreme Rules for sure and hopefully goes on a 8-10 month and wrecks everyone!

    - Vinnie Mac announcement
    Prediction: I have no idea what their plan is. As Alex said, this could go in a couple of different ways. But, I want Vinnie to announce that Shane gets to control RAW, because the show's been good post-Mania.

    - AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns
    Prediction: Reigns retains. I'm on the "Gallows and Anderson screw Styles out of the victory and Bálor is introduced as the leader" bandwagon.
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  4. Rumor is that Tye Dillinger makes his main roster debut tonight.
    Keyword here being rumor. Since him making his debut on a ppv with little to no build to it on either programmings makes very little sense
  5. Well, that's totally out of the blue.
  6. I'd like to think that Vince McMahon's announcment will re-usher in the Brand Split. With the RAW, afterwards, being the first official Draft of the new era.

    I always liked the brand extension, at least in it's early years. It became unbearable after the mystique drifted away. It didn't drift away due to the draft over-using it's stay, but WWE started to treat the shows differently, they began intergration and introduced ECW. Before just seeing a RAW and SmackDown guy backstage was a mark out moment, soon enough you had RAW vs. SmackDown every week. It came to the point where SmackDown would run RAW recaps. There was a clear bias towards RAW, and understandably so. But the brand extension shouldn't have a bias, if two brands are considered opposites.

    Hopefully, if the rumors are true, they run this extension the right way.
  7. Ryback vs Kalisto: Weird match as you all say. It seems like the consensus here is "Ryback wins so Cena has a heel to upset when he returns on Memorial Day", but Extreme Rules is only 2 weeks away. I'll call that Kalisto retains here, for the last time, before Sheamus or ADR win it at Extreme Rules so Cena can crush them on Memorial Day, because now that Swagger's gone he's the American hero we all deserve, dammit! (Even you Serbians, Swedes, and Greeks)

    Ziggler vs Corbin: Get your seconds count ready, Chicago. Corbin smash.

    Certified G's vs the Vaudeheroes: The Strongmen win clean here. People seem to really be expecting some shenanigans in a lot of matches, and more on that in a minute. I'd love to see the story play out of Enzo getting super overconfident, tagging himself in, and getting pinned... Story of the little Jersey dudes is "Enzo is a shit talking pipsqueak who cant back it up, and Cass is an underconfident behemoth who can run through 4 dudes at once" so piling on Enzo is smart strategy for the Snidey Whiplashes of the world

    Ambrose vs Y2J... Jericho wins. *dodges tomatoes* Hey you asked for predictions here, right? Jericho is pinning all thee internet darlings when he shouldn't, while Ambrose is fighting on PPV... At least Dean can keep his talk show. Jericho has the consolation prize of being in the title picture

    Charlotte vs Nattie... Prediction is still Charlotte, but I'm rooting for Natalya big time here. I'd love to see the first chick to realize "Hmmm... Maybe I should have someone in my corner to neutralize Ric Flair?" succeed with that strategy, but maybe Nattie will be undone by Bret giving less of a shit than a can of grape juice. Maybe Snoop will be back at Summerslam?

    Zayn vs KO: We win for seeing this match. First one they've really had in WWE, right? (First was an elongated angle, second Sami was injured)

    Cesaro vs The Miz... In my head, it goes one way. Cesaro ragdolls Miz and gets all the offense, minus a few Miz flurries that are immediately countered into uppercuts. See Lesnar vs Kofi and do that. Then Miz wins with a rollup, grabbing the tights with his feet on the ropes and Maryse holding down Cesaro... Either way, Miz having a Honky Tonk Man reign sounds awesome, Cesaro as IC Champ doesn't. So wah-lah.

    Vince Announcement... I suppose it's just a way to explain something since everyone's been bitching. Possibly the announcement of Hunter vs Shane, no buys. It feels weird that I really don't care since Shane has actually made enough of a difference in kayfabe to actually be an over GM, but... Authority figure angles, ugh. And I'm certainly not expecting anything big here which leads to...

    AJ vs Roman, and call me jaded after a WM, but the Balor Club idea is screaming that it's one of these angles where we talk about "what could have been if..." the next week. Not expecting something super creative here. I can't see the Usos running off the Bullet Club, I can't see either guy turning heel... I don't know what they'll do and it excites me! And the match will be freaking awesome!

    So the show does look great! Raw's been better and MUCH fresher with all the new callups on the show and no authority crap, and it's showing here. We've got a sweet card full of fresh matchups and a very intriguing main event! If I get the chance to watch, I wouldn't be able to wait, outside of worrying about "anticipointment" from a WWE PPV. Don't expect big things, be happy with some kick-ass wrestling, and let's hope you leave happy. :emoji_slight_smile:

    wait no becky vs evil emma :emoji_slight_frown:
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    US Championship
    I'm going Kalisto here, WWE obviosuly doesn't care about this story and this is just a boring underdog title reign. I'll be surprised if Ryback wins.

    Number One Contenders Tag Title Match
    The Dudleyz screw over the Vaudevillans for the win, but Gotch and English really have to elevate their character.

    Women's Championship
    Charlotte retains ever though Bret evens the odds

    Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
    Kevin Owens, it's time to push him as a monster OR a face (somehow) with the way he's been going about getting screwed recently

    Intercontinental Championship
    The Miz retains with help from Maryse, the WWE also just loves giving heels long title runs like this to piss the hell out of us sometimes.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin
    Corbin obviously wins, but I think WWE should pull a storyline injury and give Ziggler time off, this isn't the time for him to be around right now, let's give him a break.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho
    Dean wins, he has to, I can see Jericho winning obvisouly since WWE doesn't like Ambrose being over as much as AJ. That's why he lost at Wrestlemania.

    The Announcement
    I don't know, Shane is RAW GM, Steph is Smackdon GM? No brand split, not enough roster for that.

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    Roman retains and Balor is introduced to screw Styles over with Gallows and Anderson. AJ Styles might never win a WWE title sadly. It's Vince's criteria that give you a belt which is why he will never give it to AJ, if Vince thinks this is how to put Roman over like he tried with Daniel Bryan a year back at Fast Lane 2015 i'm gonna LOL so hard. We all just want AJ Styles lmao.
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