Storyline Peace Of Mind

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  1. A video is being played on the titantron. The camera in that video is cutting to various shots of what looks to be a Buddhist Temple, it shows scenes of monks praying at golden statues of Buddha as well as they’re chanting of a different language. Finally the camera tracks to a man outside the temple’s cliffside, wearing shorts, and a black tank top. He’s sitting down on the dirt and looking at the direction of the sun. His eyes fixed on it before the camera cuts to a scene of him, much younger, with longer hair and what seems to be a studio doing an interview.

    “I am Paul Ravana, my name is of no importance though, if one does not know what that name is capable of.”

    As he says capable, scenes of that man standing in the ring with gear that seems to be of Muay Thai origin start appearing. Each scene looks to be different from the last except one key difference, their all shots of him winning his matches. Standing with his arms raised up and his opponent face down on the ring, with the crowd furiously cheering him on. Loud chants of “Ravana” and audio from various announcers can be heard, all of them saying variations of one single line.

    “Another win goes to Paul Ravana, the Muay Thai world’s biggest nightmare!”

    Flash forward to Paul standing on that cliff, cutting to a shot of him with his eyes closed, his face is tensed up. Soon voices can be heard, loud crowd noises, officials and fighter screaming at each other, bells being ringed repeatedly, and announcers stating one thing.

    “Paul Ravana has gone rogue, he’s attacked another fighter and he has broken their neck off!”

    Paul awakens his eyes and begins relaxing his body from remembering that night, the night where his entire life went into complete hell, before finding his own personal purgatory that was professional wrestling.

    “Alright, within this contract you are officially signed as one our performers. While you may have come from a different background than a lot of our wrestlers here, I assure you that within a few months you will start to get the hang of this lifestyle.”

    Now the camera is in what looks to be an office, with him in a suit and another, unnamed person, offering him a contract as a Wrestler. Paul looked at what was being offered to him, a high paycheck, frequent yet non stressful working schedules, and creative freedom on what he can do or say, as long as it sells. As he signs his signature on the contract, the ink forming his name transitions into Paul looking at his contract inside the temple. Now nighttime and with nobody there. The camera zooms to that contract being an IWT one and Paul folds the letter back into one of his pockets and heads inside the main hall. Paul grabs a nearby joss stick which fades to him grabbing a barb-wired bat, walks toward the statue that the monks were previously praying now fades into Paul walking towards a wrestling ring with his entrance gear. Finally Paul bows to Buddha statue before sitting down which all fades into Paul performing the Nights End on someone and pinning them for the victory. He starts praying a different language, though it seems as if he asking for peace judging from how Paul’s body is more tilted the more he chants. Finally he stands up and clears out of all of the candles in that room which fades in and out of him celebrating his win, which fades out to Paul walking out of the room and closing the door. The final candle that wasn’t completely burned out shows its final embers as a voice can be heard.

    “My only way out of this cycle is by fighting, only through that is where I’m free.”

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