Perfect Strangers vs The Cure

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Who do you think was best?

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  1. Perfect Strangers

  2. The Cure

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    This is a match between airbourne908 and Fluttershy Farooq vs JwabTV Eddy335

    This is a tag team two promo match with a 24 hour time limit, and a 24 voting after the time limit or after all the promos. No pics, videos, or music(except for the titantron).

  2. As the music filled the arena Farooq and Joel Rain walked out onto the stage. Farooq holding the X Division championship over his shoulder as his escort Jessica stood behind them. The crowd was cheering loudly for the team, as they made their way down the ramp. Farooq and Joel made their way into the ring, as Farooq held the X Division championship up high. After the music cut off Farooq handed the X Division championship to his escort, while she was outside the ring, and one of the officials of the IWT walked towards Farooq and handed him two of their microphones.

    Farooq grabbed one of the microphones and handed the other other to Joel.. "Today is the day the Perfect Strangers make their in ring debut as a team!" Farooq said as the crowd cheered loudly. "The team of Joel Rain, who on his debut defeated a IWT Champion, and Farooq, the champion and founder of the X Division! Now, we are not a weak team, we both have history of championships to our name, but the reason I would like to know is, why do you feel like you deserve to be the IWT tag team champions before us?"

    "We are a strong team, each of us a hard and determined worker here in the IWT, in fact, I even defeated one half of the Tag Team Champions in a ladder match, to claim the Hardcore championship. I have defeated Sackfist to unify not one, not two, and not even three championships, but four total championships, and I was the last champion of them all to create the X Division. I didn't just walk into IWT, hoping just to join a division, I walked in with a closed fist, ready to make this company the best that it can be. My partner here also didn't come easily, he came in here, not challenging a rookie, not a veteran, not a midcard champion, but he went to the IWT champion, the top of the mountain, the head man of this company, and he took him down!" Farooq said as the crowd cheered loudly, chanting Joel's name.

    "This tag team division, it once belonged to the current IWT Champion, Victora Parker. She used it, like she did all her partners and it was fairly damaged, even our current champions are in a better state then all the betrayal and corruption that was taking place here. Right now, this division needs two people who know how to take stand, look in the face of the dark, and shine a bright light through. Ride river of success, and while there will be rocks in this river, it won't stop us. We'll steer clear of them, working hard to keep this boat safe, we'll ride this boat into new lands, into new discovery, bringing prestige onto it's name. Once we're done, everyone will want the boat known as the tag team titles, teams everywhere working together, not under darkness, but for hard work. To want to be the best, the ones that will be proud to be Tag Team champions, and we'll be the ones to bring back power to the belts! No one will stop us from our path, because united we stand, and divided we fall!" Farooq said as the fans grew into a loud cheer. Chanting the Perfect Strangers.
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  3. *Jwab and Alias Antonio walk out to a sea of boos. They slowly walk into the ring. Jwab goes and snatches a mic and takes another and tosses it to Alias*​
    Jwab: I feel that people are underestimating us! This isn't just the debut of The Perfect Strangers. This is the debut of Jwab Atom. This is the debut of Alias Antonio! This is the debut of The Cure! Farooq, I respect you. You have been literally carrying the X-Division on your back! But sadly, someone is going to have to take that title from you in the future. It could be me. It could be Alias, Hell it could be Adam! You are growing old. Someone is going to have to take your spot! You might as well quit and go watch My Little Pony. You'll be lucky if you last another month! Plus, you ask me "Why I think that me and Alias deserve the tag title spot?" We have been asking people for challenges and no one has been brave enough to face us til now. You both earned my respect. But someone has to take those titles off of those buffoons known as Adam & Nanorah. They have held them for too long! If it's me or it's you! Someone is going to take them out. But who better than me and my main man Alias! We know Adam like he is one of our own. We are the next Tag Team Champs!​
    You walked in. You became a champion. And that is exactly what we are doing! We are walking in! We are gonna win the Tag Team Titles! Hell, we will take all of the gold that comes at us! We will take the X-Division belt off your waist! We are going to reshape IWT in our image! We are tired of worthless pieces of shit like Nanorah and Adam holding titles! I am going to personally serve a can of whoopass to everyone that stands in our way! I hope you are ready!​
    You are right, The tag division is shit right now. The tag division is nothing at the moment. But the tag division just came alive with The Cure & Perfect Strangers making their debut tonight! This is the moment people have been waiting for. And just because you both have championships under your belt. A record. It doesn't matter. What is better than veterans getting title shots for just asking. People earning those chances! You don't have a right to just become a #1 Contender! You have to earn it! You have to bring the money to the match! You have to put on a show! *Points to the crowd* It doesn't matter about your past. It matters about them. You got to make sure that everyone here is cured! We are not going to feed this crowd garbage! We are gonna put the Tag Division back on the map! Hell we are gonna put the X-Division back on the map!​
    OOC - I made a quick little promo. This was actually pretty hard for me. But I'll get better as I go on. I feel not that confident in this one lol​
  4. It seems Farooq has been carrying the X-Divison Championship on his shoulder, or sometimes his waist, like normal champions do. It would be kind of weird if he carried it on his back wouldn't you say so? I would, he would have to be hunched over and all that. But that's beside the point. The point of this is that we, and a couple other tag teams, have the same goal. Our goal is to be the tag team champions, for a very, very long time. If you are a true competitor, you would give it all you've got and more to win. That's what Farooq and I do every time we step in this ring. We have the willpower to defeat any foe, may they be devious, dirty, or experienced, the Perfect Strangers will not go down without a fight, that saying is not excluding this very match. This is the debut of Perfect Strangers, and the Cure. But we both know who will be victorious, you want to take a guess?

    If you guessed the Perfect Strangers, you're correct! Want to test your luck at another question? Okay, which team will become the next tag team champions? Is it A. The Perfect Strangers B. Joel Rain and Farooq C. Farooq and Joel Rain or D. All of the Above? You have 30 seconds.

    *30 seconds passes by as the crowd sings the Jeopardy question music*

    Times up! If you guessed A, B, C, or D, you're correct! Congratulations, you get to see The Perfect Strangers, Joel Rain and Farooq, Farooq and Joel Rain, win the tag team championships! Thank you for playing!

    You see, when you hold your own 1 and a half minute game show, you think you know which team has the better ability to mix things up a bit. We have the better charisma. We have the better talent. WE HAVE LEATHER JACKETS which we don't have on us right now so.......MOVING ON. We have the better know how of this ring and this company, we can toss you around the ring like pizza dough. We can beat you down Anyway, we can pretty much beat you, is what I was trying to get at there. If we somehow do lose, like there's much of a chance that'll happen. Then we just get up, dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward, forward to our goal. Our goal of the Tag. Team. Championships.

    *The crowd cheers loudly for the Perfect Strangers*
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    * Alias Antonio embraces his mic with a menacing look on his face as he commences to speak in a slow-paced, dark manner *

    Alias: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one.

    * Alias pauses for a moment and takes a glance at the vociferous crowd with his infamous evil look *

    Well that, that is exactly what me and Jwab are going to do right here. We are going to be doing stuff step by step, just so you bunch of retards can pay attention real closely, those tasks will be dealt with easily, albeit.
    The only source of knowledge is experience, and trust me, I have a plethora of stories and tales that make me one of the most experienced wrestlers going today. I am a wrestler who tends to exploit each and every one of your weaknesses up until the point to where your disgusting soul can't endure the pain no more.

    I'll be honest, I hate people, in general I do hate people - to a certain extent. You see, this man right next to me, Jwab....this man Jwab has all the factors I'm looking for to be a great like myself, he has what it takes to become as evil, as cunning, as wicked like me - hence why I accepted his proposal to join The Cure- they have the right mindset to succeed in this very limited wrestling business. And hence why we're going to beat the reprehensible smirk out of The Perfect Strangers, and subsequently, defeat those two repugnant pieces of shit that are the so called tag champs of this organization. Hmmm, Perfect Strangers, let me inform you with one thing, you don't take us seriously, you pay the price. Take us seriously, you still pay the price. Rain, Farooq, it's a lose/lose situation for you my friends, so I advise you to find a lucky way out of this. It's not that I care, but I know those hospital bills come out at a hefty price.

    Hate us all you want, disrespect us all you want, but when we come on your screen, you better be prepared to get cured. I hope you all got my point, oh, and if you didn't - I'm sure you'll get the point it in the ring.

    * Alias drops the mic abruptly and performs his signature pose, and then proceeds to shake Jwab's hand all whilst the crowd boo the new alliance known as The Cure *
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  7. Ali Dia thought your promo was swagalicious hunny :)
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  11. Great promos by both. Voted perfect strangers.
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