Storyline Perish.

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  1. The Titantron goes blank as a voice begins to whisper.
    The soothing voice does capture the attention of those attending although you can still hear audience members wondering what's happening.

    P E R I S H

    "Trip, You're becoming quite the pest. Everywhere i turn you are there... face it, your stalkish attitude is only you in denial that you did lose to the man you taught everything to. I left you there a broken man, your underestimating lead you to being exposed as the failure that you truly are. Rita Kendall was right, you're washed up. You're useless to this company and what's more i've proven it twice. Now you want to come back for another round? Oh wait, I'm sorry. You clearly don't want to, but your puppet master realizes that dare anyone from the influence try to manipulate the match in his favour by having interfering stable members rob Rita of what she earned, you'd know that Brandon Pain and Aiden Ryan would whoop your asses and allow Rita to mark the pages of history which she will rightfully do to your bitch leader come mania. So with that being said, we accept your challenge and we'll also go on to mark the pages in history with your blood, and expose that the influence is nothing more than a pathetic attempt of being relevant. The influence will perish at mania and never be spoken of again.... mark my words."
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