Personal Best Moment of 2012

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. As it says ur best moment of 2012

    Mine soppy but getting with the girlfriend in July.
  2. N'awww

    Well now I think about it, despite being a good enough year, not much has happened exactly. Either paragliding in Italy or beating Aberdeen in the SC semi final is mine, the latter was so emotional :upset:
  3. Id say paragliding a pretty sweet moment to be fair mate.
  4. Yeah it was pretty amazing!
  5. Was it expensive? Out if interest?
  6. I think (I may be totally making this up) it was something like £50? My Grandad paid for us together and I think it was roughly that. If you're thinking about it then yeah you defo should, it was amazing.
  7. Yeah defo something I wanna do. Might try for my birthday next year as its in April so not long.
  8. WWE House Show back in May comes to mind :haha:
  9. It would be eating my curry tonight. By far the best moment of this year.
  10. What curry lad? Always a good moment tbf.
  11. Every payday.
  12. I hate paydays as it drives me insane seeing how much the taxman takes.
  13. Holiday in Spain. Great times. :smug:
  14. I'm having two as The Stone Roses gig was pretty special as well.
  15. But... SHOPPING :yay:
  16. I know shopping is always good.
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