PFA Team of the Year announced

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Suarez
    Van Persie
    De Gea

    Bale also won the player of the year award.

    Ferdinand getting in is absolute bullshit. Nastastic deserved it more. Michu deserved to get in over Hazard.

    De Gea is questionable but I'm not going to argue against it seeing as he did have a good season.

    inb4 Crayo whining that Rafael or Evans or any other Man U players didn't get in
  2. I was away to rant about De Gea being in there but I honestly can't think of anybody else that is worthy of a place? Vorm and Guzan would be my immediate choices but both of them didn't really play enough. I guess Mignolet is in with a shout but De Gea's been better than him IMO.

    Don't watch EPL enough to concentrate on how CBs are playing, but Ferdinand, really? I would have thought Kompany would be in the team?
  3. 1) Why would you format it upside down?
    2) Why the fuck WOULDN'T Rafael be in there? Zabaleta is amazing, and maybe a better RB overall, but he has not had a better season.

    Apart from that, the team is pretty much spot on.
  4. 1) I copy a
    I copy and pasted and the formatting didn't stick...
  5. Fair enough.

    Btw, your avatar is embarrassing.
  6. Because I give a shit what you think
  7. Nastasic? Really? Are you mentally challenged?

    Absolute joke that De Gea is there, Mignolet had most clean sheets bar Hart, and Hart even said the other week he's been the best keeper this season.. Lol at Ferdinand and Suarez also.

    What it should be:

    Van Persie
  8. Because Henderson
  9. Just read Zach's OP. Nastasic has been good, but Ferdinand has been awesome this year. Wtf are you smoking?
  10. Nastastic has been better than Kompany, IMO... Normally I'd say you're Sunderland biased but Mignolet was my pick. Baines is undeniably the best LB in the EPL and it's foolish to think otherwise. Although I can't say I follow Rose closely Baines is clearly better, the stats don't lie.
  11. He didn't impress me in the games I saw... Maybe I didn't catch the right ones.
  12. Lol Ferdinand, past it. Zach, Rose has been top drawer this season.
  13. He may have been but Baines is better.
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  14. That ^

    Jonathan saying Ferdinand is past is just really urks me. Why comment on a BPL related thread if you don't watch the BPL Jonathan? Moron.
  15. I let Mignolet slip because he has been good but to say anyone but Baines deserves it is ridiculous. He has creates the most chances per minute in the BPL or some crazy stat like that.
  16. This ^

    Ferdinand has been fantastic this season, anyone who says otherwise either doesn't watch or supports Sunderland.

    Also, not meaning for this to be a personal attack, but Baines has been unquestionably the best LB this season, hardly had a bad game, one of the most obviously worthy players in there. And Rafael has far outplayed Zabaleta this season, he's been the best RB by far, really surprised me this season.
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  17. Baines has been incredible definitely. He's gone from okay left back to a left back lots of top teams want. And he's pushing arguably the best left back in the last 5 or so years out of the England squad.

    Lol'd. Completely agree. Ferdinand has been so awesome, and so has Rafael. They may have picked Zabaleta due to him probably still being a better RB, but in terms of THIS season, I think Rafael edges it. Though I suppose if they put Rafael in there, that'd make it 5 United players, lol. They don't want to seem bias.

    Really surprised Hazard got in there instead of Michu actually, considering how well Swansea has done this year and Michu being a massive part of that. If anything, Chelsea have underachieved.
  18. I was surprised about Hazard as well. He has been terrific as of late but this should be on the whole season and as far as that goes he's been good but not as good as Michu.
  19. Yeah Zabaleta is still the stronger RB but if you told me I could have one of them in the Boro team, my first reaction would be to head butt a wall to make sure it wasn't a dream, then upon the discovery I was in fact awake, I would quickly ask for Rafael whilst icing my now very sore head. Zabaleta is the better player but I'd take Rafael in a heartbeat, he will become fantastic imo. It doesn't seem to bother them when it's the Spanish league though lol, the team of the year all in the BBVA? BS.

    Yeah, I personally would have had Michu in there, Hazard has been alright but that's about it, I expected him to be a lot better and he hasn't really stood out imo whilst I expected nothing of Michu and he has been brilliant, if you asked me for stand out players this season I doubt I would include Hazard, whereas Michu would be one of the first names I said.
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  20. How old is Rafael? Under 25?