Storyline Phase 2

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  1. *The crowd gets on their feet with cheers as the music of new IWT Champion Joey Bryant plays and the lights turn green. At 42 seconds of the song, Joey Bryant slowly walks onto the stage with his head down and the IWT Championship lowered to his knees. He just stands on top of the stage as the song plays and the crowd cheers, not moving a muscle. All of a sudden, at 1:33 of the song, Joey jumps up high and raises the IWT Title into the air to a huge pop. He jumps up a few more times before sprinting down the ramp holding the IWT Title above his head. He rolls in the ring and taunts on two of the turnbuckles showing everyone what he holds in his hands and pointing to all of them. He walks to the center of the ring and slings the title over his shoulder and begins to speak over the cheers when the music fades.*

    “Fuck it I’m not even going to make this some kind of epic speech where I say how hard I fought for this IWT Championship, all you need to know is the TRUE IWT Champion is BACK!”

    *The crowd pops and Joey smirks before raising his mic again.*

    “All was not sunflowers and rainbows at Survivor Series but I made a promise. I made a promise to everyone in the back and everyone out here that Gav taking my IWT Championship was just my next move to being an all time great. It was almost like I was at an amusement park and there was a ticket booth right there and Gav was standing in it saying “Ay you cheeky **** you wanna be a 3x IWT Champion? Here’s your ticket mate.” And I took that damn ticket and I punched it in and I’m now standing here as a 3x IWT Champion.”

    *The crowd pops again but Joey continues regardless.*

    “But it didn’t take years to win this title 3 times, it took 365 days, one year for Joey Bryant to prove what he said to all of you one year ago, I would be the greatest IWT Champion of all time. It’s funny how things all work out, the man that beat me when I first tried to fight for this championship was the only 3x IWT Champion in history and now… well now I’ve joined his exclusive club. I never got the chance to beat Aids Johnson one on one, but over the last year of him taking a back seat to guys like myself, I was able to climb and cement my legacy. He’s back now, and he’s hungry, and he wants this gold back, and that would truly be a match no one would forget, the first man to become a 4x IWT Champion. But…unfortunately Aids, you’re gonna have to work for it just like evvvvveryone else.”

    *He smirks as the crowd cheers.*

    “And I’m serious. No more bullshit. I’m sick of one guy standing up right after a PPV and saying “I’m the next challenger for the IWT Belt.” That’s not how it works in my IWT. I said at Survivor Series the light would be brought back into this company, that phase is done. I am the light. The next phase was the revival phase and if I’m going to revive this company in any way, I want to give guys a shot that never would have had a shot before. So, I’m going to be working it out over the next week to begin a #1 Contender’s tournament for my title. 8 men and one winner will get their lucky shot against me at TLC next month.”

    “But now that that business is taken care of, let’s move on to the other happenings at Survivor Series. Team FSW won…yea, they won, it was an insane match and props to those on team FSW that were able to beat some of the best IWT has to offer. But it’s what happened after the match that truly disgusted me. I sat in back watching, waiting for my match to begin, and when that match was over, I witnessed Alias Antonio shake the hand of Dat Kid. Let me say it again. Alias Antonio shook hands with Dat Kid. Now for any of you that thought by me beating Alias Antonio at Summerslam and embarrassing Dat Kid that my rivalry with them would be over and I’d forget about both of them, you’re dead wrong. Alias do you forget what HELL Dat Kid put both of us through? Did you forget WHY we even began going after each other’s throats in the first place? It was because of Dat Kid. I haven’t forgotten about either of you and I don’t think I ever will. I knew when you aligned with him you’d be going down a bad path but never did I think I’d ever have to see you shaking hands with the devil himself. And it’s only right I can call him the devil now because it’s finally came to the point where Dat Kid isn’t calling himself God anymore and I heard what he had to say. Wrestlemania challenge issued already.”

    *Joey gets real close to the camera and stares into it.*

    “You listening now Dat Kid? If things work out the way we both want it to work out, at Wrestlemania, you’re fucking ON!”

    *The crowd pops and Joey steps back from the camera.*

    “Whether it be Alias Antonio at the Royal Rumble, Aids Johnson at Elimination Chamber, or Dat Kid at Wrestlemania, one thing will remain the same, Joey Bryant will continue to remain the IWT Champion and when all the dust has settled, when all the blood has been shed, I WILL be the greatest IWT Champion OF ALL TIME!”

    *He drops his mic as his music plays again and the crowd cheers loud. He raises up his IWT Title high in the air one last time as the scene fades to black.*
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