Photo of the Saturday Morning Slam set

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  1. [​IMG]

    I like the logo and the color choice.
  2. This is just a worst version of an already bad Superstars.
  3. The colors look good, but doubt I'll watch.

    I like the set.
  5. So... is this recorded before which show?

    It's just one match for kids, right?
  6. One match for kids, recorded along with smackdowns superstars match.
  7. The green is nice.
  8. Yeah not bad. But pretty lame now that people had to sit that stuff
  9. Pish show, awesome look IMO.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one liking the green design.
  11. shame any match on this will be pointless
  12. The set looks so unique, looks completely different from what Raw, Smackdown, or what Superstars has. :facepalm1: I gave up on the set, they make it all the same, just different colors. It's alright, not really cool.
  13. I love the green :yay: and the set is huge
  14. looks terrible like always.
  15. i think that all shows should have different set like it was years ago with SD having the fist and raw with the two minitrons
    Short answer what is Saturday morning slam
  16. #TeamOptimism
  17. I love the green :yay: