Pic's of CM Punk's house on the Tube

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  1. Saw this a couple of days ago, very nice pad indeed.
  2. Your not gonna believe this but I just literally watched that clip just now before even looking on here. Creepy. Anyway CM Punk has a sweet house and so he should as he can afford it
  3. Such an old video :umad:
  4. I really don't believe this, even if it is true. This house totally doesn't fit him, but whatever.

    I'll end my thought with a quote from one of the comments in the video:

  5. I agree I cant picture him being in this type of house it doesnt fit him but obviously he must like it since he lives in it
  6. It is genuinely where he lives:

  7. I always pictured him living in a thrash can, like Oscar the Grouch.
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  8. So many bedrooms and bathrooms CM Punk must of banged alot of chicks at his house lol
  9. Isn't Colt Cabana his roommate?
  10. That's a pretty nice house. :obama:
  11. Well, fuck.

    He has extremely delicate and sophisticated tastes for a punk.
  12. CM Punk, a bachelor, has throw pillows on his bed????....really???.... throw pillows??? Bravo, Bravo. More CM Punk going twitter mad on fools who rag on his throw pillows

    Re-Tweet: "Hey Punk, nice throw pillows

    CM Punk @ CM Punk: "Deserve it, I'm a doctor I'm #BITW"
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  13. I have throw pillows on my bed too and I am a bachelor. It adds a little something to the general feel of an apartment.
  14. Nope
  15. I heard that they share an apartment.
  16. :hmm:

    In interviews, Colt states that they ''hang out'' when they are free. Normally it would be mentioned if they'd live together.
  17. I would imagine that yes, that is his apartment, but that the decor is different now. It could be that those were the pictures from before he moved in.
  18. I'd definitely believe this a lot more.
  19. Umm.. There's a little kids room?
    He don't have kids.
    Seems very elegant and retro....
    Not buying that its Punk's style.
    Also, I remember reading about his "HOUSE" being remodeled.
    That's like a condo/town home not a house.