Picture of Dean Ambrose's eye injury from SmackDown (he looks nuts)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 11, 2013.

  1. I made a thread on the injury but no pic was around then, But jesus that looks painful.
  2. He looks scared IMO, his lip looks like it's trembling how it hangs over lol. His eyes do have a psychotic tint I'll concede however.
  3. I personally think he looks very tired or almost ragged. And whilst ragged often goes hand in hand with mentally unstable characters I don't think he looks really that nuts or psychotic.
  4. Damn looks like he's on heroin...
  5. huh? Have you never had a black eye lmao. I'm sure it didn't feel great, but "jesus, that looks painful" ?
  6. That's it? Pssh 4/10
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  7. I've had worse. Crayo probably thinks he looks hotter than before.
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  8. He cut under his eye and ive had smaller cuts like that under my eye and it hurts like hell.
  9. Dude I had a bigger cut on my forehead yesterday from banging my head on my car door trying to Bieber swish my hair. and that is a true story
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  10. A cut under the eye isn't that bad. If you partake in most sports it is kind off likely to happen. I got one when competing in cross country skies for goodness sake (I slipped on a patch of ice and fell face first into the ice and got a cut under the eye).

    + I've seen Ambrose take a motorized hedgesaw to the forehead. This is nothing to him.
  11. You do realise that was the lamest spot of all time right? The saw blade was blunted to an extreme level that it simply rubbed the blood around, even the guy who did it to him complained it looked shit I reckon.
  12. Lol. That doesn't look that bad...
  13. Looks painful but i don't think it's too serious
  14. Thread isn't really about how serious it is lol. I don't think many people think a black eye with a tiny cut is a life threatening injury here. Not sure how anyone can say he doesn't look fucking crazy in this pciture though. "Ragged" - really Stopspot? :dafuq:
  15. Yup. That's how my dad looks when he doesn't get his sleep. He looks very tired there (Makes sense since he just had a match after that was taken I bet). That's not how I envision someone looking when they are insane or nuts.
  16. Then your Dad looks insane.
  17. I'm not really getting a "fucking crazy" vibe from this pic. ''Relatively upset'', sure.
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