Plan for Big E / Henry going into Summerslam this year

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 15, 2013.

  1. Source: Meltzer

    Quite interested to see what you guys think of this.
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  2. It sounds a bit like the Ryback/Henry program to me. But anything that allows Big E to stretch his wings and try his hands as a singles act is cool with me. Question is. Will it be like a stepping stone for Henry towards the world title? Say Henry starts gunning for Dolph's title but Big E steps in the way and in effect turns babyface for tangoing with big bad Mark?
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  3. Bad choice IMO. Langston, due to his height and Henry's massiveness is going to look smaller than he should.
  4. Could it possibly be Henry passing the torch?
  5. As stated above we just had virtually the same angle.
  6. Langston fits it more imo, due to him genuinely being freakishly strong.
  7. That probably means Langston breaks away from Ziggler at Payback (they have a match for the WHC at MITB)
  8. Seems like Henry's working the same feud over and over.


    If they set it up properly this'll get Big E over like crazy.
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  9. and black :tyson:
  10. Well, expected Henry to be somehow involved with the WWE title, but if he's not doing that than this sounds alright.
  11. Just gonna say it.

    Black on Black crime.
  12. Doubting it works well, they better be in a good city for that to go down well, as i am honestly assuming this sheamus/henry match kills his run whether he wins or loses.
  13. They should just form a tag team like all black wrestlers do nowadays. (EX: Kofi&Truth, Cryme Tyme, Prime Time Players, C&C Wrestlefactory, TD&ACH, etc.)
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  14. Never been a big fan of big guy vs big guy feuds,but, if WWE books this feud properly it might be good.
  15. If its Henry going for the World title and Big E actually acts as Dolph's heavy, resulting in Dolph/Big E turning face then I'm all for it.
  16. I think that Langston can bring it better then Ryback did.
    But we shall see.
  17. Mark and E could show a good match, or they can have a 6 minute squash match.
  18. Big D Longston WWWYKI
  19. Seems like a lose/lose to me. Henry deserves better, and it is just going to expose Big E imo. As Rain pointed out Big E will lose a lot of his luster when his 5'10 ass is standing next to the monster known as Ratings.
  20. *clears throat*

    That was me. Rain said this feud would put E over big time.
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