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    Plans for the AMW show is a small tournament. The point of this tournament is for the AMW US championship. The main event will be for the championship. This championship as a special rule. The person who holds the belt for two months will get a world title shot by dropping the belt. Of course, the champion also has a choice to not challenge for the world title, this means every month the champion will be able to cash the belt in for a world title after the two months if they decline it at the two month mark. Now, everyone who plans on being on the show, please tell me when you are available. The show will be booked from 1/20/14-1/26/14, but I can book a day or two before and after these dates too. After all the matches, the last match will be the title match, all the winners will face off for the belt.

    @Trip in the Head
    @Dat Kid
    @Slim Shady

    What times are best for you on these dates?

    Trip vs Dat Kid on 1/20/14

    Arab vs Shadow on 1/21/14

    Adam vs Forrest on 1/26/14

    AMW US Championship: Nick vs (to be announced) vs (to be announced) vs (to be announced)
  2. I have the 20th off, just home with the chitlins
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  3. You stole my mid card champions choice which I stole from TNA :annoyed:
  4. I actually didn't know we could cash in the championship for a title shot :mog:
  5. OH maybe you can, not us losers :((
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  6. I'm good for any day besides the 20th, got a match going on that day.
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  7. So when you said you read the rules and regulations you lied?!?! :upset:
  8. I'm blind :boss:
  9. Any day but the Monday and Thursday.....
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  10. All you gotta do is tell me when
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  11. I start class on the 21st, but I can probably still manage to make a match during this huge gap between my classes
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  12. Updated OP with the first match. Dat Kid vs Trip in the Head on the 20th of January.
  13. Can you try not to cross over with iwt dates? Thanks babe xox
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  14. No promises
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  15. Last update until the matches after the show
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