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  1. *The scene opens up backstage with the IWT interviewer standing next to Joey Bryant, the crowd gives off a big pop in the background after seeing him for the second time in the last couple days. He looks like he has something on his mind as he can't seem to stay still. The interviewer begins to speak.*

    Interviewer: Ladies and Gentlemen I'm here with Joey Bryant, a man who actually wants to give us answers this time. Joey... everyone wants to know if you're at least a bit disappointed after your match with Aids?

    *Joey chuckles for a second before finally opening his mouth.*

    "Nah. After the match, it proved who the real champ of this company is. I raised his hand and handed him the title out of respect, almost out of love because no one has ever pushed me to my limits like Aids has. No one has ever got me as over as I have been the last few weeks as Aids has. Without Aids I would be in a totally different place, probably losing to jokes. Yea, I worked my way up to that title. I really did and everyone knows it. But Aids brought more out of me than I thought I could bring, so not disappointed at all. The gold wasn't the only thing I wanted to win in that match. I wanted the respect, the recognition, and I got it. That's worth than any form of gold."

    Interviewer: Alright but come on, where could you possibly go from here? Is this is end of Joey Bryant?

    "You're really starting to piss me off again. No. Aids beat me not once, but twice. But from now on this is the moment that everything changes. From now on I show the world who Joey Bryant really is. This is not the end of Joey Bryant, this is only the resurrection. Before I showed up people were always talking about the top guys. My name was never brought up. I came in here, and I looked for companionship. I looked for that brotherhood that I so desperately needed to get my career started, that's why i looked to the Cure. That's why i teamed with Adam for that short reign. I came to realize once Aids shook me out of that fantasy that I don't need a brother. I don't have a brother, I don't have a best friend, it's just me. I constantly feel like I'm walking around this company with a sort of emptiness, no one to lean on."

    Interviewer: So what's your next step? You going to climb back up to Aids, sink lower?

    "There is no sinking. I've been played like a piano the last month but wherever Joey Bryant goes, good matches and good times follow. No, I respect the hell out of Aids and he doesn't need to face me again. We had possibly one of the greatest matches I've seen here and that's something I've wanted to say. Aids can have his run, I won't try to waste his time. David, ohhh I talked about him. It'd be nice to wipe that gold off his waist but that's something that just doesn't intrigue me. I have no brother, I have no goals, I'm just in for the ride..."

    *Joey stops to think a minute and rubs his hands through his hair.*

    "Just in for the ride."

    *He walks away, but a man stops him as he begins to walk with his head down by calling down the hallway.*

    OOC: The man knows who he is to reply, you can post OOC if you'd like just leave this between me and the other dude in character.
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  2. *A man in casual clothes stands in front of Joey Bryant. Joey is surprised to see him.*

    "Hi Joey. Look, I know you're surprised to see me. But, this is all for the best. I'm here to help you. You haven't been the most needy person the world has seen, but, you need me. You're losses to Aids have destroyed your self esteem. I'm here to help you with your 'resurrection'. The industry hasn't been kind to us. You've had your chances and you have been screwed more times than anyone could imagine! You're just like me. Our time in the indies was almost identical. Underappreciated. Underbooked. It's like we weren't even on the roster."

    *Frie takes a moment to reflect upon his indy days.*

    "You went on to greater things, Joey. Fighting the greatest of the great, like....... like Aids Johnson. YOU had the chance to fight for Aids' prestigious IWT World Title. But, what happened? That's right. The industry took its toll and screwed you out of the title. At that time, I was still at my low-rate indy career in the SAME booking situation that you and I were years ago. You may be asking, Joey, 'How are you gonna help me, Frie?'. My proposal is.......... we become a tag team."

    *Joey has a confused yet fascinated look on his face.*

    "I know, why would you, in your main event status, wnat to team with me? Asside from our decent friendship, this is the chance to prove ourselves. The chance to tell the corporate jackasses that we are more than guys that you can repackage and live vicariously through, and then screw us out of our major accomplishments. This isn't about me only, this is also about you. You know you feel the same and you can't cover it up. Don't be afraid, Joey. We can dominate the tag team division, because our collective skill is more powerful than us working our asses off to be a force individually. Trust me, Joey. THIS............ is our ressurection."

    *Frie and Joey shake hands in agreemant. The camera goes off the backstage area.*
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  3. *Joey has his back turned most the time while Frie is talking but has an eyebrow raised entirely as he stares at the ground. When Frie finishes, Joey turns around fast and lightly pushes Frie.*

    "Sup asshole! Glad you finally made it here big shot. My self esteem is destroyed? Please. You show up here and act like you're the most hard ass guy anyone has ever seen but you're not. I know you..."

    *Joey stops himself and says "Shit." under his own breath.*

    "I know you."

    *Joey sticks out his hand with his head still down and Frie just stares at it, clearly caught off guard. Joey takes the hand back and looks right at Frie.*

    "Shit, I'm sorry man. I really am glad you're here. So you watched my matches, huh? Don't be worried, my self esteem has really not lowered. It's grown actually, I'm looked at as one of the biggest draws of the company and a main event player and right now you're just the rookie."

    *Joey says "Shit" under his own breath again as he remembers what Aids said in their match about having to tell some new kid that they're just rookies.*

    "I didn't mean that. I know you've been wrestling in this business as long as I have. Shit man, let's start over. Yes, it's clear I've gotten quite a bit of popularity here recently. It's clear I took a loss to Aids, but I'm not ashamed to say that. Most men and women do. You should have been here months ago when I was lost and wasn't found until i realized Joey Bryant needs no gimmick. You of all people know that, I've always been my own man. I never had that brother I could look to, that friend that I could kick ass with, and I've been fine with that. So as for your offer, I don't think so, man. I just don't think so."

    *Joey looks at Frie finally.*
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  4. *Frie is shocked to hear what Joey has told him. A slightly angry look has appeared upon his face.*

    "The fact that you didn't remember me is beside the point. The fact that you called me an asshole is beside the point. But, you really just denied this? No no no no no, do NOT interrupt me! Listen, Joey. You've obviously been blinded by the normal bullshit that this business has to offer. People going solo when they really aren't going anywhere. OPEN YOUR GODDAMN EYES!"

    *Frie is angry, but, takes a minute to calm down.*
    "I didn't mean to yell, Joey. But, you need to be knocked some sense into. You want to continue going solo? What has this 'solo' career given to you. 6 wins, 3 losses. That's right.... 3 losses. Let me ask you........ Who has 2 of those wins over you? Before you answer me, let me give you a reminder. The man who beat you twice is the SAME MAN who told you what you told me. The only difference between you and him is that he is CHAMPION............ You're not. Your self esteem has gone to its lowest peak. I should leave right now, because I know you'll try running back wanting to team. But, I'm not gonna do that. You don't know your own talent. I know mine. Think about yours. Then, think about mine. Think about how we can dominate the tag division, and eventually the singles division. WE can be the ones who treat people like crap because their rookies, because we're just as good as the rest of them.

    *Frie can't seem to get Joey to crack yet.*

    "Ya know what. I know what you want. You want to be better than Aids. That's what you want, and that's what you'll get. You'll be the one who Aids is afraid of, and who he works his ass off to defeat. But, the thing is, he nevwer will. This is all.................. if you be my tag team partner. Make the right decision, Joey.

    *Frie sticks his hand out to Joey.*
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  5. *Joey glares at his hand. He doesn't shake it yet.*

    "What I said was a bit uncalled for, but you're going over the line. You know me better than that man, i'm not like that. I don't strive to be better than anyone, Aids is an amazing man and next time you bring him up in a sentence, don't use my name unless you're talking about the battle we had. I don't want to be a replica of Aids, of you, or anyone. I don't want to face Aids again, i've made that very clear. The man has the potential to destroy my record even more but I know have the potential to destroy his as well. That's something that I can wait for though."

    *Joey looks back at the hand, which is still extended.*

    "Look at me, Frie. I'm not broken, just a bit confused on where I'm going with all this. My old best friend shows up out of no where and tries to tell me my life sucks right now when i feel like it's at it's peak. Just goes to show the different ways people look at me. I don't feel like I need to be better than Aids, I'm fine with being equal and I'm fine with being lesser. I got the respect I deserve and that's something you have yet to earn here and you'll realize it's not easy going alone. I can see why you want this oppurtunity, the amount of respect that could flow into you if you team with the former number one contender to the world title would be a huge boost in your career. But as for your offer, nah. Until you realize I have much more on my mind than beating Aids..."

    *He begins to turn and walk away but Frie still has his hand out, knowing Joey can't resist. Joey stops halfway down the hall and begins to turn and walk back with a raised eyebrow.*

    "What do you want from me, man? You know me better than anyone else but at the same time right now, you can't seem to put the pieces together. I'm not just some kid anymore, I can make my own decisions, I can set my own goals, I don't need a brother or a friend in my career right now. What makes you think I should shake your hand and put my entire career on the line that I've been building for months just to walk out to the ring with you?"

    *Joey just stares at Frie.*
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  6. *Frie is still extending his hand. He has a smirk on his face.*

    "I know you're not a kid anymore. But, you sure are acting like one. You're being stubborn. It's not your fault. It's the stress of this business. The thing is, even though you're not a rookie child anymore, you're having trouble controlling your own life. Even if you don't need me, you need something to get your career back on track."

    *Frie gets in a serious mood.*
    "Wasn't it you who said you were confused? You really want to carry on your career by bragging about the 'respect' you've earned. Respect earned in the pastis not gonna help you win world titles. Respect that will be earned from this moment on will. The only way you'll do that is with me. Your confusion ends here, Joey. Hey, maybe you can teach me how to earn the respect that you've earned. Whaddya say?"
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  7. [​IMG]

    Dope promos. Looking forward to seeing what happens.
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  8. Great work from both guys.
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  10. *Joey looks Frie right in the eyes, then back at the hand. He begins to turn around and run his hands through his hair, pacing back and forth.*


    *He looks at Frie again and storms over too him and shakes his hand and gets right face to face with him.*

    "I'm taking a big risk here, you know this, correct? I could be dominating the mid-card, fighting back up to the world title but I'm choosing to team with you. This is no longer the minor leagues, you'll soon realize getting a win here isn't as easy as it seems. But I trust you, we have history. We know the ins and outs of this business and together, we can both be champions. We can both win."

    *Joey hugs him real quick and releases his hand and looks at him.*

    "Good to see you here, buddy."
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  12. OOC: Could have. Took me a while to decide actually, but I wanted to stay face for now hahah.
  13. Looks like tag teams are the new thing in the IWT
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  15. OOC: Chill, damn. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, correct. Is that a big deal? I made up my mind and went with it, be happy.
  16. Not a slight against you, it would have been a cool feud.
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  17. "Joey, you're not going to regret this. We have history together, and we will again. Your career and mine are gonna get back on trak. Ya got it? Let's go plan this out."

    *Frie and Joey walk down the hall and out of the camera's view.*
  18. OOC- You two are like Seth Rogen and James Franco, and I'm just sitting over here being Jay Baruchel.
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  19. Great work by both, but can't help but think the title is a reference to King Tee. :hmm: