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  1. What going on guys??

    Let me start by saying i'm a huge wrestling fan (I'm sure everyone on here is) Ive been watching wrestling every since I can remember. My dad tells me I started watching when i was 10 months old and i'm 24 now. My favorite wrestlers are 1. Ultimate Warrior, 2. Macho Man, 3. Hulk Hogan, 4. The Rock, 5. Bret Hart, and 6. The Undertaker.

    I understand that Ultimate Warrior wasn't the best in ring worker but the guy had so much enthusiasm from the minute he came out that curtain to the moment he got back to the locker room. I remember the crowd just feeding off his energy.

    Ive always had a dream to become a pro wrestler and came up with the name Playboy Pistol Pete, ya i know its kinda cheesy but I think I could make a great gimmick lol.

    If you want follow me on twitter @ClePeteBrowns
    I will follow back as long as you let me know your from this site.

    Lets get ready to rumble
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  2. Hey man, great intro. I don't think it's cheesy, I think it's pretty awesome to be honest :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Welcome to the side man; hope you decide to stick around.
  3. Hey, CleBrowns. Welcome to the forum! Nice intro. :emoji_slight_smile: Hope you'll stick around, and I look forward to hearing more from you around the site!
  4. Welcome Pistol! You've just joined the greatest wrestling forum in the world today :woo1:
  5. Sup Pete.

    Who's your favourite new guy btw?
  6. Welcome to the forums Pete, I'm sure you'll have a great time here.
  7. I gotta go with Dolph Ziggler and The MIz. Both Cleveland boys

    Miz went to my high school (Normandy High School in Parma, Ohio)


    I gotta go with Dolph Ziggler and The MIz. Both Cleveland boys

    Miz went to my high school (Normandy High School in Parma, Ohio)
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  8. Welcome to the site dude. If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM.
  9. LETS GET READY TO SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!! :pipebomb: welcome.
  10. Sup dawg. I'm from Toledo. OHIO!
  11. Welcome fellow Clevelander! :woo1:
  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone



    what up what up
  13. Welcome and....Cleveland rocks
  14. @Dwayne will blow you for 2$ (forum cash)
  15. Welcome to the fourm.
  16. Welcome to WWEF. Nice intro and good assortment of wrestlers.
  17. Welcome to the forum! :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Welcome. I'm new too!
  19. Welcome fella. Like the name sounds awesome to me. Brings a ladies man cowboy to mind for me reckon that'd be quite cool.
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