Storyline Please can you call me a cab?

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  1. Harriet is lying on the examination table in the medical bay, her eyes fixed to one spot on the wall. The doctor reappears, clearing his throat, attempting to get Harriet's attention. She continues to stare at the wall, silently.

    Doctor: You're awake, that's good. Quite a tumble you had out there. Do you remember it?

    Harriet shakes her head, wincing from the pain.

    Doctor: I've arranged for you to be transferred to the local hospital. You're going to need a CT scan to check the extent of your injuries. This might be serious, but until we see the scan we can't be sure.

    Her eyes are still fixed to the spot on the wall as if he had never spoken to her.

    Doctor: Miss Vargas, did you hear what I just said?

    Harriet: Yes.

    She replies quietly, the usual agression and harsh tone is missing from her voice.

    Doctor: You're not going to be able to drive yourself, so you need to get a ride to the hospital. Who should I call?

    Harriet: Nobody.

    Doctor: What about one of the wrestlers you travel with?

    Harriet: I don't travel with anybody.

    Doctor: How about your manager?

    Harriet: Don't have one. Guy was so far past useless I couldn't bear it, got rid of him.

    The doctor blows out a frustrated breath. At this rate he'll be driving her.

    Doctor: Okay. Well what should I do? There has to be somebody I can call.

    Harriet: There isn't. Just call me a cab, I don't need anybody.

    Harriet sits up slowly, hands gripping at the edge of the table.

    Doctor: Maybe you ought to consider making some friends around here. Can't be easy constantly fighting every single person that you come into contact with. You need to have somebody to have your back. Personally, I don't see what you get out of it.

    The doctor watches her, waiting for a response. Finally, she makes eye contact withh him.

    Harriet: Please could you call me a cab?
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  2. OOC: "Please"!? :dafuq: happened to Harriet? JK :dawg:
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  3. I know, right? Shocking.
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  4. OOC: Could it be a state of shock? Interesting post, Majour.
  5. Victoria is walking down the hallway, humming along to the music on her iPod. Distracted with playing on her device, she accidentally walks into to the examination room. With a shocked and embarrassed expression, she quickly apologizes but stops as she realizes who is on the examination table. "Harriet? I'm surprised to see you here. Are you alright?" Looking at the concern on the doctor's face, Victoria sits on an another examination table, taking a closer look.

    The doctor leans in and whispers something into her ear, in which case Victoria nods and proceeds to talk to Harriet. "It seems like you were in quite the fight. From the wincing you're doing, you must be in a lot of pain. The good Doc here tells me you need to get to a hospital. Although your independence is admirable, there's no way in hell I'm going to let you take a cab there. Before you tell me you don't need me, I'm going to call you on your bluff. You're probably in no condition to walk, much less pay a cab fare, so I think it's safe to say that you need me. So Harriet, when you're ready to stop being stubborn for like five seconds, I'll be ready to take you where you need to go."
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  6. OOC: Girl tag team? 2 girls one belt?
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  7. Jesus no wonder we have like NO females on this site lol (no offense ladies)

    Lame (open)
    Oh and Harriet Vargas is a cab! HAha lame
  8. Wrong. I'm the only reason this site has females. It's you all who chase them away. #DatKidsLargePenis
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  9. No.
  10. :yeah:
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  11. IWT- The home of dick measuring
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  12. So that must mean the GM's is the standard, right?

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  13. Standard is the nicer way to say average, right? :jericho:
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  14. :okay:

    Could've been worse I guess
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