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  1. This is about the Senhor vs Gohan match.

    Since someone decided to spam the crap out of the forum, the voting count has been reset. Since someone likes to be immature to the point where it just makes a mess for other people, there WILL NOT be another poll.

    I will open a thread tomorrow afternoon. It will be open for a set amount of time, I have not decided yet. I will manually count votes. So in other words, to make a vote you will have to state the person you are voting for and @me in the post. This way no one can spam, cheat or turn this into hellish pigpen again. I will manually tally up the votes. Once you vote, you will NOT be able to change your vote. Case closed.

    After the voting is closed and we have a champion, I will not tolerate any complaining or bickering about it. It will be final. This is suppose to be done for fun and not to be taken seriously BUT it is in no way funny to go as far as to make fake account, which is against the forum rules, just to get a rise out of someone. Even if it was slightly humorous when a few people did it and corrected it... It got out of hand.

    If anyone has any questions please ask.
    If a member gets out of hand and something like this happens again I will be forced to strip them of any title rights in this section and ban them from competing.

    Once again... Myself, Jonathan and all of you are in charge of this section. I expect it to stay clean, fair and fun. It is up to all of us to keep things in order. If things get out of hand again, I will not argue in the banning of this section on the forum.

  2. Any chance someone can tag me when the thread gets underway so I can cast my vote before it's closed? It'll be deadline day at work so want to be sure I don't miss out.

    Also, Brit -- how do I type it out to tag you?
  3. Any chance i can just give you a vote now, seeing as how I am busy until 5 every day? @"senhor perfect" gets my vote
  4. when do we start the vote and for how long there a guy who we really used who voted that made now not get to vote now?
  5. I will have it open in enough time for everyone to vote who wants to, no worries.
    And I will post it in a status so everyone knows it is up.
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  6. I will probably start it some time after 1:00PM EST
  7. in eastern usa time?
  8. Thanks! :otunga:
  9. Yes. :yes: :yes:
  10. Honestly, @Britanica, this isn't needed. When the voting originally ended at at 9pm EST Senhor was in the lead 10-7. The time was then extended for 2 hours until 11pm EST. Even when the time reached 11pm EST, Senhor was still in the lead if you take away the fake votes.

    For that reason, in my opinion, this is not needed and @"Senhor Perfect" should be declared the winner.
  11. Agreed, and the only reason we keep giving Gohan all these chances is because he whines and bitches. He really killed the fun out of all of this. His promos aren't even very funny anymore, and when they are I feel bad for laughing at a retard.
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  12. This entire process has been against Senhor and it's like we want Gohan to win. Brit we're supposed to be unbias. I say it's over, Senhor is your winner.
  13. I am doing this for the last time. I don't want complaining from Gohan. I understand that its become unfair to Senhor because of all the crap. Senhor agreed to extend the match, so I let it happen. That was his choice. Since this has turned into something that is no longer fun for anyone, I am only keeping voting open till 3PM and that is that. After which, I don't want to hear about it anymore. We will move on to other matches and the contender match for the WWE title. which is going to be Dat Kid vs Aids. If Gohan loses, he will NOT be able to drag this on anymore. He will be in the back of the line like I stated in the rules section.