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  1. To clear up a few things...

    I am not in charge of the Magazine, Dat Kid is & what he says goes.
    I will not tolerate spamming or multiple complaints in other people's threads.
    If anyone has a complaint about someone or something, please PM me.
    Everyone will have 3 warnings before they a suspended from competing in promos.
    I will personally PM you with a warning if you have receive one.
    If you get suspended more then 3 times, you will be BANNED from competing.

    Reasons For Being Warned:
    -Spamming in threads that are not your own.
    -Open complaining & arguing in threads that are not your own. (does not apply to promo/feud threads)
    -Not following the rules.
    -Tagging WWEF mod/admin members to complain to or demand anything from.
    -Over tagging myself or Jonathan to complain or spam an argument.

    If you want to file a complaint about anyone, PM me.
    Keep the threads clean. I want this place to remain fun for EVERYONE.

    Thank You :otunga:
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  2. So that means Jonathan is fired from IWT? :yes:
  3. Oh wow. Gohan's gonna' get thrown out in a heartbeat, lmao. Can't wait. :smug-47:
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