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  1. Michael is standing next to Carson the Interviewer wearing a New Generation T-Shirt with Eric Draven's face on it.

    Carson the interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time, Michael.

    Michael: Can it Carson. I don't need you to introduce me because once again, I destroyed a faithful here in the IWT. I nearly ended his career but decided I wanted to end him some other time.

    Carson: What about the shocking display of events, Eric Draven making a surprise appearance seemingly to help Ami from the predicament, and ultimately he sided with you, what kind of scheme are you running?

    Michael: Scheme? You seriously think Eric Draven came back to be a cookie cutting baby? No. A scheme is like the ponzi scheme Midas used to get his cash. I was in no way using fraudulent tactics to get Eric on board, it was simply best for business.

    Carson: When did you know Eric was going to join The New Generation?

    Michael: Are you really that stupid? I'm the one that talked Eric into returning, his return from the beginning was to join The New Generation. I warned you all months ahead but just like always you all fail to listen to the Franchise.

    Carson: Now that you've formed the new New Generation, what's next?

    Michael: What's next? Simple, the last star in the constellation is arising, and you'll be quite happy to know who it is when said person wants to reveal themselves, don't worry lad.

    Carson: What about the challenge? A stretcher match at Survivor Series!?

    Michael: *hahahahaha*, Ami nearly lost his ability to move and his career in a regular match, you expect me to accept a match where he's nearly 100% vulnerable to being destroyed? It's his death certificate he signed with the same pen that will end his career and destroy his worth! You asked for it, and you WILL receive it. See you at Survivor Series...kid.

    Michael walks off set.

    Carson: Thank you for your time.
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