OOC Please welcome to IWT Staff...

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. ...your newest members, @Hollywood Jwab, @Nickelodeon and @Butters!

    Of the 5 applicants we felt you 3 were the strongest candidates and would provide the best options that we're looking for in a member of the team. You've been accepted on a trial basis, the duration of which I'll keep hidden so that you can't just think once the trial is over you're in for good. This way it keeps you on your toes, so to speak.

    Unlucky @Tsar and @Bill Clinton - your applications were strong also and it was pretty hard to decide upon 3 to be honest. We were originally looking for 2, but with more departures we've decided to add a 3rd. This is going to totally troll you guys as well, seeing the tag alert and the thread title. Whoops :dawg:
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  2. It's a friendly dislike rather than a hate dislike, but nonetheless suck a dominoes delivery man's penis.
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  3. fuck you delik and your clueless head

    You suck for trolling me.
  4. It wasn't just me that decided, trust me :dawg:
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  5. I hate you all, and I'm reworking the logo. I'm getting rid of the filter, but I'll present more than one this time. :dawg:
  6. I'll be waiting :tough:
  7. For my dick :ksi:

    Quick question, didn't Nick leave?
  8. Yeah I thought he did, but he PM'd me and applied so I'm guessing he's only leaving competing. Not entirely sure.
  9. So, do I request to join the group or do you I have to accept an invite?
  10. Send a request :obama:
  11. Congrats.

    And good luck, you'll need it.
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  12. I really didn't expect to make it. Thanks for taking the chance on me, Staff.
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  13. Butters - you are one of the most consistent I see on here. Whether it's matches or storyline builds. Always friendly. Maybe a little weird sometimes, but thats ok. :dawg: You deserve to be in staff (or creative or whatever) and get more chances in IWT too IMO. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the group because lately it's pretty much been dead :okay:
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  14. Nice, congrats, get this place back to full potential.
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  15. Also please welcome @seabs to the IWT Staff team!
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  16. Well shucks, you're gonna make me blush!
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  17. Nick is taking a hiatus from the IWT, and from the forum as a whole for a while. Not sure where that leaves the WHC briefcase though.
  18. Give me his spot in Creative :tough:

  19. See now you'll never get in :sassy::troll:
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