Pokemon X/Y

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  1. With the release date coming soon, Who's getting it and if so how excited are you?

    Personally this generation has been the toughest since generation 3 for me, I can't decide what 6 pokemon I'm going to use. Most of my team seems to be Fighting or Dark type D:!

    Leaks: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/nintendo3dsnews/pokemon-x-and-y-leaks-starter-evos-and-more-inside/

    Confirmed Pokemon: http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemon.shtml

    The Idea of Mega Evolutions Scared me at first, but it's cool how it's an In battle effect!

    Totally wanna use a Hawlucha and call it Sin Cara.
  2. Theres already a thread for this
  3. I didn't see it on the front page :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:!