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  1. Picking your opponent

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  2. Listed opponents in order.

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  1. Do you prefer being able to pick your opponent in a match, or do you prefer having a list of contenders and it going in an order?

    Let me know in the poll.
  2. A power ranking is what I'd like someone to do, make wins and losses matter. You can't have assholes like Gohan losing everyweek then going I WNAT TITY SHIT NAO.
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  3. To be honest, I've thought about that since a few weeks ago, but Brit hasn't been on much to discuss it with her.
  4. Oh hey Lady Deathbane liked my post :datass:
  5. Agreed.

    Both of these have negatives:

    Listed by GM - chance for a GM to become a dictader
    Picking your opponent - picking easy opponents and/or picking opponents based on site popularity
  6. Why not the Champions decide the conteders in a match? Similar to Baraa Vs. Respect Gohan6425
  7. Just vote in the poll please, this isn't a 'what will happen as a result of the poll'
  8. What's the point if you're running it as a false idea of democracy then? It's either you do it this way I laid it out or you do it this other way I've laid it out. Do an ideas thread first then a poll :dawg:
  9. Personally I like the list option since then everyone gets a shot at contending for the title of their choosing. With that being said, members shouldn't just go back on the list after they lose. Maybe one attempt at the title a month, especially if it's a title that's in high demand and a lot of people are interested in competing for it.
  10. I always like you, Seabs. :gusta:
  11. I agree with Seabs and Crayo about the power ranking system.
  12. I prefer a list in order but then picking the way of the match, I mean, having 10 in a list and I want to make a Royal Rumble match (don't know if it exists here that kind of match, if not it can be created) or picking 4 and make a 4 way match, things like that
  13. The only ones who abuse contending for titles are Gohan and Kid. Everyone else goes about it the right way. Just control those two and things would be fine.

  14. You'd face one person at a time, and it'd go in the list order I.E:


    First plop, then Cray, etc.


    I think what we've learned from this is we need more definite rules for the section, correct?
  15. Kid abused it? :dawg:
  16. Yeah do a power rankings, it's me and cm punk then a huge dropoff. :pity:
  17. He just inserted himself into te US and TT title matches.:lol1:
  18. But if you have like 10 opponents, can you pick 3 and make it a four way match?
  19. We need a list because No one is responding to my challenges like scared little bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously it's a better way than seeing gohan get shots whenever he says something smart.
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  20. That and seeing myself at #1 :awyeah: will be just, too, sweeeeeet.