Storyline Pool Hall mess

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  1. Farooq is shown in the back of a pool hall, playing with one of the pool tables by himself. He takes one puff of his cigar, as he makes another break to begin a new game. Three men walk up to Farooq, local gangsters of the area. "Ey essey, look at this. The big famous Farooq, ey main, can I get ya autograph? Or are ya gonna run off like a puta again?" The guy says as him and the other two laugh. Farooq ignores them, as he sets himself up to hit a ball. "Ey hijo de puta, I'm talkin' to ya man." He said as the other two guys flipped the table over infront of Farooq. The main man gets closer. "You see, we no like you. We no respect you. You are a bitch who quits when things no goes his way." He says as he takes Farooq's cigar and throws it down. One of the other guys takes the pool stick and snaps it. "Oh look man, ya gotta pay for that too essey. You better pay us, double, because we don't wanna start trouble puta." He said as he slapped Farooq's cowboy hat off.

    Farooq stood up, as he reached into his pocket. He then took his other fist and punched the guy in the face, sending him flying as the two goons began to attack him. Farooq punched on another, but eventually the third guy got back up and tackled Farooq. One of the goons held Farooq back, as the main guy walked up to Farooq with blood dripping on his lip. "You think you funny?! You think you can be mister superman, you loco gringo. We gonna put you in your place holmes." He said, as he slapped Farooq across the face. Farooq reacted by stepping on one of the goon's feet hard. He let go of Farooq, and Farooq kneed the other one in the stomach and threw him at the other goon. Farooq now stood face to face with the main one. They began to go at it, Farooq and the goon punching each other out back and forth.

    The goon picked up Farooq, throwing him onto one of the pool tables as Farooq's body crashed through it. The guy walked up to Farooq, laughing as he reached down to pull him up by his hair. Farooq reacted by pulling him down instead, and locking the crossface. The goon screamed for help, as the other two goons got closer Farooq stood up and held his side that was bleeding. The owner of the pool hall tossed Farooq a pool stick as Farooq caught it. "Teach them a lesson kid." The elderly owner said as Farooq nodded. Farooq swung at the two members, knocking them out with a couple of hits. Farooq then lifted up the main goon, pushing him to a wall. "The next time you come here, it's to pay for all the damages, okay essay? And then you'll never return, ever, got it?" Farooq said as the goon nodded. Farooq then turned around, and threw the goon through the glass window of the store. He turned to the two other goons, as they ran towards the main goon and were bleeding. Farooq wiped his forehead. His face having some blood, as well as his torso and arm. He sat at the bar inside the pool hall, handing the stick back to the owner. "Thanks." Farooq said as the owner gave him a shot of whiskey. "Thanks kid, and trust me. That'll help with some of the pain you have." He said with a chuckle as Farooq drunk the shot of whiskey.
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