Poor Lord Tensai still getting the ''Albert'' chants lol

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  1. Poor Lord Tensai still getting the ''Albert'' chants lol. Anyone notice that on Raw last night??? they were loud chants. Feel sorry for the guy he will never be able to shake off the stigma of his old character. He might as well just forget this gimmick and go back to Albert at least then the crowd would give a damn about him as right now his gimmick isnt really connecting with the crowd
  2. It's not the crowd hating though I see it as a sign of support that they want to get behind him but just can't atm as Tensai needs something extra.
  3. They're never going to stop. If anything, WWE sanctioning them or editing them out will simply encourage them.
  4. I think they will as i see it as support for him just not his gimmick it needs something thats missing right now.
  5. The gimmick does need tweaking a fair bit but I find the potential is there.
  6. I agree I'm not a fan right now but I feel the crowd will get behind it with some tweaks as the obvs like him as a wrestler hence the Albert chants.
  7. Everyone knows you are the biggest Tensai mark in all of the IWC
  8. You have no idea how many people I've had to battle to gain that crown.
  9. Fixed that for you..
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  10. 1?

  11. :terry:

    Just Lord Tensai himself?

    In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoy watching Tensai in the ring. His entrance, mannerisms, gimmick, interview etc I don't at all, neither do the crowd evidently. He's one of the best monster workers in the ring in recent years though, he's a great worker.
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    Seriously I don't get what people have against him tbh, he's not the best worker in the world but when you factor in his size he's probably the best compromise they have.
  13. I'm not insulting him just his gimmick needs something as the crowd or wthat crowd there is dies when he's on.
  14. Like I say the gimmick principle for me is unique and could be fun. The whole failed wwe superstar going over to Japan and being treated as a god, coming back to gain his revenge would have worked better imo. Have him be pissed off about not getting the respect he deserved last time so now he's going to beat it out of people starting with Santino, who he destroys and takes the US title from. Could have made him and the belt relevant.
  15. Why the fuck does he speak Japanese? He forgot how to speak English during his time in Japan?
  16. I suppose it's because they respected him so he in return took on their mannerisms as a sign of respect. Beyond that I don't have clue.
  17. See i think they've pushed his gimmick wrong it should've been that he went Japan was huge and came back for revenge as him attempting to embrace the Jap style and entrance doesn't work.

    He should just power out want revenge and have some new moves as he does due to being huge over there that I feel would've worked better as it's to Japanese for him to pull off right now imo.
  18. I actually enjoy the Tensai gimmick and think it's an interesting twist on the old-school wrestling idea of having an "evil foreigner" played by an American (see: Fritz von Erich, Ivan Putski, Nikolai Volkoff). What he needs is a mouthpiece, so he doesn't have to talk. Then he can have his manager draw the mic heat and all he has to do is silently beat the living s--t out of people.

  19. I honestly think it kinda fits in with his "gimmick".

    He was a former WWE superstar, left, went to Japan, dominated, and is now back in the WWE to do the same. So tbh I think it kinda fits in.
  20. I think this gimmick sucks hes not even japanese and some fans only remember him as Albert hes not gonna be main eventing