TLC Possible Heel/Face Turns at TLCS?

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  1. This isn't anything guaranteed but I was reading a brief "article" on the topic of most likely face/heel turns that could take place at TLC to end the 2014 year for PPVs. Basically I wanted to see what other people thought of them because I personally think they all have a legitimate possibility of happening.

    -Dolph Ziggler becoming desperate and turning heel to try and win back the IC Title (Personally Don't want this one to happen!)

    -Naomi turning heel and joining Miz & Mizdow by causing her boyfriend's team The Usos a win.

    -Brie Bella turning back babyface shortly after turning heel and costing AJ Lee the title.. she could very well get revenge on her sister for being abusive to her and make her look foolish by helping AJ win the title right back.
  2. I wish I could give a single fuck about these, but I don't. :pity:

    DZ shouldn't be turning heel any time soon, though. It's pointless to turn him heel now, considering what he did at Survivor Series, and it was even more pointless putting him against Harper at TLC, in the first place.
  3. No chance in hell DZ gets railroaded that badly into an attempted heel turn. He is way, way too over ATM and the heel turn would only get him bigger pops by having him face the garbage face crew we have here in the first place. He is staying babyface for an eventual go vs Rollins.

    Naomi I doubt but wouldnt be surprised, and Brie is a definite - just not sure what PPV that will happen at. I'd expect Nikki to lose all on her own and THEN have Brie screw her over in her rematch, sending her back down the ladder to have another bella vs bella feud none of us care about.
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  4. Ziggler ain't turning heel any time soon, I am positive about that.

    As far as Naomi and Brie go, well... :pity:
  5. In what way could Ziggler even turn heel at TLC? He's booked against Luke Harper (a heel) in a Ladder Match (i.e no disqualification) at the PPV. It's not really a scenario where he can cheat or go unnecessarily/desperately overboard on him to win the strap back (i.e Austin brutalizing Rock with a steel chair at WM17 or ADR trying to put Ziggler out for good by trying to give him another concussion at Payback 2013), and coming off of being the sole surviving member in the battle against The Authority at Survivor Series, it would just be... so dumb.

    Brie will definitely turn on her sister at some point so that she can win the Diva's Championship from her, but that match is likely being saved for Wrestlemania, so I wouldn't expect the turn to happen as early as TLC.

    Naomi joining Mizdow... um, no. She'd be a weird addition considering the comedic dynamic of the team. I actually think a Diva joining the Rhodes brothers could work. I don't know if Naomi would be the right choice or not, but a Diva joining them and dying her hair blonde (if need be) and wearing the gold and black face-paint sounds like something that could be neat, but it would depend on which Diva was chosen for the role. I can even swear this idea was rumored a little while back...
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  6. Mizdow vs Miz will happen before Golddust vs Cody IMO, they don't need another person involved at all, it's just to promote their shit match with the USO's ATM (ass to mouth match)
  7. To be honest, I could see both Mizdow vs Miz and Cody vs Goldust happening at Mania. Whenever it happens, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

    Plus, Miz/Mizdow and Gold/Stardust don't need anybody joining them.
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  8. The way they transitioned Brie from being abused by her sister to being friends with her was disgusting. If I cared I would probably be mad at that, but it may end up just being a "plot" (although they could've, again, given us a Brie promo talking about it but whatever) so meh. Ziggler won't turn. Well, actually, given how they've crapped on his "big run" so far I wouldn't put it past them lol
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  9. I pretty much stopped watching the divas division since SummerSlam, ever since that dogshit feud between Nikki/Brie started, I was like 'Fuck it, I can't take this shit anymore'.

    This whole Brie/Nikki saga willl most likely culminate at Mania... I wish I could give a single fuck about the divas division, but I don't, so... :pity:

    Speaking of Ziggler turning, I don't see it happening any time soon. It wouldn't make sense, also... But wait, booking him with Harper didn't make sense either... So, don't color me surprised if it happens. So much about Ziggler's push and now it's starting to go away. Well done, WWE. You clueless imbeciles.
  10. Slightly off-topic, but in my opinion, Dolph Ziggler should have remained Intercontinental Champion at least until TLC. See, with Brock Lesnar gone for so long, the Intercontinental Champion is the most prestigious title holder in the company and him still holding the title heading into the big elimination match at Survivor Series would have made him being the sole survivor that much more significant. But whatever.

    It would have even been cool if he and Lesnar had a Champion vs Champion match at the Rumble, where you have the top two title holders against one another (with only the world title being on the line, of course... although that slightly contradicts my stance about wanting the IC Title to be treated like it actually means something, but Brock obviously isn't winning the IC Title) in what would actually be a FRESH match, and one that would guarantee Lesnar actually getting heat from the crowd since the people are firmly behind Ziggler. You know Dolph would have bumped like a madman for Brock, too, and possibly even concuss himself again in the process, but oh well, it'd be worth it.
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  11. this will be good
  12. :yeah: