Possible inducters for the HOF ceremony

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Arnold! :fap:
  2. WOW. Well, Donald Trump wouldn't be there if his daughter didn't try to induct him? Makes me sick, being inducted by my own daughter, anyone else like him? Pathetic
  3. :ksi:
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  4. is that the whole claas this year!? WTF!? THERE SHOULD BE MORE THEN THAT!? WTF!?
  5. I can only assume there will be a few more.
  6. Arnold? He's the GOAT bodybuilder (Guessing they'll be no Ronnie lovers on here to debate that) but beside knocking HHH on his ass what has he done for the WWE?
  7. He was one of the online ambassadors or some shit a while back. He's not being inducted though, rumour is he's inducting Sammartino.
  8. Never said he was but why would you have an inductor who has nothing to do with the company what so ever, especially to induct one of your biggest icons?
  9. Considering Bruno was a strong man in his day, it's reasonable to think he and Arnold ran in some similar circles, and became good friends. I think WWE allows you to choose who inducts you (as long as their famous I guess).
  10. Whilst I'm shocked Arny is appearing (if true), I'm kinda with seabs on this one.
  11. Turns out you might be right, read on PWMania which says they are. Would have preferred Flair personally (the closest we have to Buddy Rodgers)