WrestleMania Possible main Dark Matches

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  1. "The Usos vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo has been discussed as the dark match for WrestleMania 28.

    A Brodus Clay match was suggested for the dark match but at last word, he still may get a spot on the main WrestleMania card"

    Funky's on my mind!! :brodus:
  2. WWE is really committed to it's tag division The Champions "may" appear in dark match. So much love.
  3. Add in a source next time, also it doesn't surprise me tbh the tag titles are worth less than the penny's they imitate.
  4. Brodus Clay may be on the WM card though... I prefer Funkasaurus over the Tag Team xD

    I can't find the exact link now, but it was from 2xzone.com @[Seabs]
  5. I don't. I'd take a tag-team match over a squash match everyday of the year.
  6. Woooo!

    Uso's vs Epico & Primo, book it!
  7. lol youre so cute Seabs
  8. If the dark match becomes a tag I'll cry as there is so much talent for a epic tag division that could be third best match on the card but the WWE have no sense and misuse what could be a good division and breeding ground for the future.
  9. It going and over the top royal battle again!It alway is!
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