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    NO! No more fucking shows! We already have enough so NO MORE!

  2. My thoughts as well but it's all about the money. Who knows, it could be a pretty good show.
  3. I don't think 47 hours of WWE programming a week is excessive.
  4. Erm, what is your source, Adam?

    And I hope to fucking god that this isnt another reality show. I'm already pissed off and offended that Total Divas will exist. If we wanted to know more about the actual wrestlers, we could Google them at any time. I don't want to hear every little thing that they go through on a day to day basis, even guys like Punk or Ambrose. It's not necessary at all.

    And if it's just a show show, like a sitcom or something of the sort, then bring it on. Could be funny, lol.
  5. Sorry, I keep forgetting it
  6. Total Divas>
  7. I'm going to shit in your mouth.
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  8. That's hot
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  9. Seriously though, you're actually for that show? Lol, AJ's not even on it and all they'll talk about is their half-assed wrestling workouts, who they're dating and what they're wearing. I'm a female and even I don't wanna' watch that at all. I'll watch 2 Girls 1 Cup before I watch that.
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  10. I wouldnt. I puked.
    I dont, I'm actually glad AJ is not there. It's just crap. I dont know who would watch that. No matter how hot they are
  11. I hope it's like Saturday Morning Slam, I need my fix.
  12. I really don't think this is necessary, they have enough programming. But that hasn't really stopped them before, so.
  13. Another hour or so of WWE programming I'll be skipping.

    If this is just another show showing us skits of what they do outside the ring or whatever, then who cares. These people are just professional wrestlers to me. I have not a care in the world what they do outside the ring, in-character or not.
  14. omfg yez wwe slom sitee!1!

    I already don't watch RAW every week. so meh.
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  15. i hope it's like WWF Shotgun Saturday Night then i would love to watch it.
  16. They have a lot of shows. I don't get the point on having another one...
  17. "Slam City" sounds like such a corny fucking phrase for a WWE TV show.
  18. Seconded.

    I don't have a problem with this at all, since I won't be watching , lol. I really don't see why everyone's raging. Just don't watch. I doubt it'll affect Raw, PPVs, storylines/pushes, etc. So uhh.. errmm... who gives a shit?
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  19. I could actually see it catching on to the point where it sounded pretty normal. When you think about it, Raw, Smackdown (a little less so, since we also know it came from The Rock), Saturday Morning Slam and other things sound pretty stupid when you first hear them, it's just that we've become familiarized with them.
  20. alternatively, if you don't want to know more, you simply don't watch.
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