Possible reason to why we are seeing so much of Khali revealed.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Sharon Glencross, a featured columnist over on Bleacher Report posted a article discussing why we are seeing so much of the great Khali as of late. Apparently the reason being that Khali, like so many big men within the WWE are starting feel of his body's deterioration. Big show seemingly being the exception that solidifies the rule that all big men in wrestling are in tremendous pain (think Andre and Giant Gonzalez.)

    So apparently Vince in one of his rare moments of not being a dick has allowed Khali a substantial amount of screen time as a pre retirement gift to allow Khali to earn a good amount of money before retiring.

    What do you think of this? Good guy gesture by Vince or just stupid booking? Discuss!

    You can read more here.
  2. I thought they were doing it to appeal to the indian market. Oh well, he can't wrestle, but if it's just his big finale before he retires I'm OK with it, he can have some TV time. Just don't have him bury actual competitors the way they like to.
  3. Give him screen time if you must, but at least have him be useful ala putting guys over.
  4. This.

    People need to also learn, Vince isn't nice. He doesn't care if Khali is hurt.
  5. Meh... just give him the money and let him go to India. I don't want to see him wrestle anymore.
  6. Tbh I thought it was due to the TNA in India thing so WWE were giving him screen time to try and keep there fan base over there!
  7. I dont even know why Khali is still employed. Hes a waste of a paycheck and also someone else could have his place