Possible spoiler, Cesaro vs Gabriel.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Gabriel beat Cesaro clean on Raw, it was pretty nice to see that, what I thought was going to be another random jobber match with the same guys one more time ended up with Justin winning. Do you think this will lead to a feud for the US title? Do you like it? How would you do this feud if it happened? Thoughts.
  2. The easy thing is to put a US title match on the preshow. They can play up the "Nobody from America can beat me" line, with Gabriel challenging, but Cesaro will definitely go over.
  3. I really hope Gabriel gets a title shot. The man deserves it.
    Imo, I'd like it if Gabriel would go over Cesaro. Cesaro just doesn't have ''a'' gimmick yet.. So I don't know if it will work out with him as the champ.

    All and all, I really would like to see Gabriel as a champion. But I'd rather see him and Kidd for the tag-team title's.
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  4. Making more talent credible is never a bad thing