Summerslam Possible triple-threat at Summerslam?

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  1. I don't mind Henry, but damn, does Ryback really need to be put in the title picture....again

    btw nice Britanica reaction Crayo
  2. I can see Ryback/Cena being one of those feuds that just doesn't go away.
  3. ATTN: WWE: I realize you have an inexcusable hard on for Ryback, but do yourself a favor and realize you've booked him straight to hell. He needs to go away... like, take a fucking vacation and come back in a year and they can try again. I've never seen the WWE fuck up a push so bad on a guy they clearly want to succeed.
  4. Cena/Ryback is so bad that this is the first time the rest of the card seemed more important than the main event. Referring to Payback
  5. :facepalm1:= The appropriate reaction when words simply aren't needed.

    (Though I'll say anyway that if this happens, you can bet it's because the company wants Cena to get a pin fall victory over Ryback since it was reported a few weeks ago that they almost were gonna face off again at MITB just for that reason. Seems a pretty superficial reason for them to continue but meh.)
  6. Seems retarded, so it sounds about right.

  7. It sadly took away slightly from what was a really good PPV aside from that.
  8. House shows, dark matches, Superstars, Main Event damn even SD! but SummerSlam...fuck vince
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    OMG It's unbelievable to me that there are actually people in WWE who think that such a match will be better than just Cena VS DB.
    How? How is there a human in our world that could possibly think that?

    *Remembering Team WWE beating Nexus at SS 2010 , Triple H going over Punk at NOC 2011 and Cena beating Lesnar at ER 2012*

    I guess there is..:okay:
  10. [​IMG]
    Hopefully WWE canned that shitty idea.
  11. Come to think of it, it wouldn't be that bad of a first title defense for Daniel Bryan if/when he wins the title from Cena. Putting the underdog who could in between two monsters and have him still walk away with the title on the line? I would be down with that at Night Of Champions or Over The Limit or something. You know he could work between the two big guys and make the match pretty entertaining too, playing it up in a David vs Two Goliaths sort of way. But it's as much filler as filler can get to put Cena in a triple threat match with two guys he will have already beaten by then in singles matches, especially when a feud and match with Daniel Bryan has so much more potential and would be more fitting for what is supposed to be one of their more important PPVs. Summerslam shouldn't be about filler main events.
  12. Bryan has been working his ass off for a while now especially as of the last few months, surely this should be rewarded with a WWE title match at the 2nd biggest PPV of the year.

    Henry already has his match at MITB and Ryback should go nowhere near a world title right now until WWE figure out how to repair the damage to Ryback's character.
  13. Bryan v Henry v Cena would be okay. Send Ryback to ROH.
  14. If they do indeed go with this idea, how would they Ryback back in contention, after just basically killing his hype on Raw?
  15. Spoiler: This rumor was trash just like 95% of dirtsheet rumors.
  16. The rumor is probably fake, but even if it was true, they'd just put him in a #1 contender's match or make him interrupt Cena, I mean, he did job to Henry clean at WM and challenged for the belt at ER.
  17. Am I the only one who'd be okay with this? It'll give Henry an out to win the belt so Bryan can go after the title without having a heel turn.
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