Storyline Post Battle Royal

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  1. Backstage after the battle royal, Arno Frye's laugh can be heard echoing through the backstage. He catches the attention of a group of backstage interviewers but only one has the courage to approach him. He and a camera-man cautiously approach Frye and the interviewer is greeted by a sweaty arm laying itself across his neck. Frye takes the microphone from him and looks into the camera.

    What’s your name kiddo’?

    * puts the mic to interviewers mouth* “J...Jason”

    Well, Jason, let me ask you a question. What does one do when they find themselves staring into the barrel of a gun wielded by the devil?

    * relocates the mic again* “ Wha--”

    They pull the trigger themselves, Jason. * chuckle* You see I won’t let the result of a match halt my...revolution, my crusade to enlighten the IWT to my level of insight. The only person that’ll ever--WHO could ever stop this is...who do you think, Jason?


    Ding Ding we have a winner!

    “ C-can I go now?”

    Tell me did you see that match? That Kelsey, she’s a timeless beauty--If I didn’t have a lovely masterpiece waiting at home...she’d be in trouble....

    Frye releases the interviewer and walks off camera...laughing.
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