Post "feminine" songs you like.

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  1. Post the songs that if your real life broskis from another hoeski's found out that you liked you'd be pretty red-faced.

    Mine has to be this:

  2. Speaking of Sharkia

  3. Doooood, I play Shakira while my friends are with me. I don't care, she's beautiful. :boss1:
  4. I'm not ashamed of my musical taste and most of these songs can be easily defended for being high quality songs. For example:

    And of course.

    Then of course they are these laughable tracks that just get stuck in your head and you end up listening to because of that :annoyed:


  5. Learn2spoiler

    But those songs are awesome.. But thanks to Stopspot, I think of the Miami Dolphins while listening to Call Me Maybe.. :yay:
  6. [video=youtube]http:emoji_confused:/[/video]

    Gaga for life. Come at me
  7. J-Biebs isn't feminine he's the fackn man
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  8. Boyfriend is soooo catchy as is Call me Maybe, hips don't lie is a tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!
  9. FUCKING CALL ME MAYBE? :annoyed::annoyed:

    Hips don't lie is goat I agree
  10. This has to be no. 1 for me. Girl has an awesome voice and is pretty has clouds. She's on Nickelodeon.

  11. Hey I just met you and this is crazyyyyy but here's my number so call me maybbbbbbbbbbbbbbe!
  12. This is MikeDOT's version.

    Hey I just crazy, and this is number. But here’s my maybe, so call me met you.
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  13. +1
  14. So I'm the only fag that's googoo for Gaga?? :okay:
  15. Doooooooood, lolno! I'm a monster too.
    I even can play a few Gaga songs on guitar..
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  16. :yay:
  17. Always preferred Cartman to Gaga.

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