Storyline Post Hardcore title match

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  1. Hirax is taken to the hospital after Bill Nye the Qucikscopping guy shot him. Hirax is breathing normal, the bullet taken out. "You're going to be alright, the bullet missed vital organs." The doctor tells him, then leaves.

    He looks out the window, and sees a bag of coffee. "I hate coffee..." He mumbles, awaiting for any visitor that may come by.
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  2. Aids Johnson walks around the corner, coming into the room to visit his good friend in the hospital. He sets down an old school 80's boombox he was holding like a briefcase only moments later, putting the tape into the player, grinning at Hirax. The song begins to play, as Aids informs him it's a double sided 180 minute tape of only one song.

    He dances to the music towards Hirax, along with a few faux nurses to enjoy the experience.
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