Storyline Post IWT Championship match

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  1. As the match ends, Farooq is laid out in the center of the ring. The referee bring him his Hardcore championship. The fans chanting his name, as he uses the ropes to get up. He lays on the turnbuckle, sighing as he grabs a microphone. " was a hell of a time.." He says, looking out onto the cheering fans. "In this company, I've fought tough opponents, met plenty of interesting people, gained championships...." He looks down, rubbing the back of his head and sighing. "Soon, it will be time for me to go." He says, tossing the Hardcore championship in the center of the ring.

    "When I entered this business, I was a child. A child who didn't know what to expect from this company. I may have held the US Championship, but I didn't realize what I had. I had something grand, something great, and I treated it like shit. I got what I deserved, the title taken. When I returned, I needed something to keep me going. It was the in ring competition, after creating the X Division, I realized something. This company, it's a great company. It has tremendous superstars, great management, loyal fans and just everything is great. This, is my home." He wiped his eyes, chuckling a bit as he sighed. "I gave my word, that if I lose this match, my career would be over. I'm not a Aids, Senhor, Dat Kid or anybody else. I'm not coming back in ring... at least not here. I love you all, my fans, my fellow...former workers, everybody. @Trip in the Head since I leave, the Hardcore title will now become vacant. I wish everyone here a good life, and please continue to watch IWT grow into something better than it is now. Forget about us old people, and find a new heart in here." Farooq drops the microphone. The fans chanting, "Thank you Farooq!" Farooq makes his way to the back, going into his car and leaving the IWT arena for good.
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  2. Dat Kid still at ringside, slides in after the crowd is stunned, still chanting "Thank You Farooq". Dat Kid begins to applaud and the crowd follows suit.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't think we will ever see a competitor like Farooq again and we all owe him a great deal of gratitude for the work he has put in IWT. The man has put on countless matches that will go on to be remembered forever. He was a father figure to this federation and it is truly sad to see him leave here today.

    It's going to be sad to see him leave today because I would have had an easier time winning the IWT Championship if it were on him rather than Joey Bryant

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    The crowd applause dramatically changes to sharp booing.

    You boo me because the truth hurts and the truth is Farooq, as jaded a competitor as he was, was never main event material. Every time he had a chance to become a main eventer he blew it, just like he did tonight.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't know if you're aware of this, but you are looking at what remains of the first generation, ME! Behold, the face of an entire generation!
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    ...and the superior black guy of IWT. Jesus wept, Farooq.
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  3. The fans are wondering why Dat Kid showed a picture of Farooq after he insulted him.
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    :russo: SWERVE DAT
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  4. The camera focuses on a fan's sign that reads "I want my 36" plasma tv!" for a few moments
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