Storyline Post Match Interview with The Artist

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  1. Interviewer: We're right outside the locker room and i'm going to see if I can get a word with The Artist.

    The Interviewer opens the door and finds Artist wearing an Xtreme Couture sweatshirt slouched over in the locker room.

    Interviewer: I would like to get a word with you, can you give us your thoughts on your loss against Dat Kid?

    Artist: Well it's simple...I put my heart and soul in that match. The harsh truth is...Dat Kid defeated my strongest will. What's that say about me...That I may never get another World Heavyweight title shot...I may never break through to the upper isle's of the IWT again. Dat Kid's earned my respect...I wish him the best of luck for SummerSlam.

    Interviewer: You seemed at a loss of words earlier, after your match? Why so?

    Artist: I thought if i called him out again...if i did something maybe I can get that World title shot. I had given up hope at that point.

    Interviewer: What about now? Do you still have hope?

    Artist: Yes...Yes I do but for title's like the European, X-Division and stuff like that. I don't expect much anymore. I'm not as ambitious as I once was.

    Interviewer: What are you plans now?

    Artist: I'm unsure...I may go over to PWGP and revamp that place...I can go to PWE...I can leave IWT and comeback a month later and demand a rematch...But i won't. Dat Kid was the better man and I have to accept that. Right now I have my sights on Money in the Bank...If that doesn't work out then I guess I'll just ask to become a staff member.

    Interviewer: Anything else you want to add.

    Artist: Dat Kid...You truly are one of the greatest ever.

    Artist get's up, picks up his gym bag and heads out.
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