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  1. The Locker Room

    Harriet is standing at the sink with her eyes closed tightly, the mirror in front of her is smashed. Both hands grip the edge of the sink, one hand is bleeding, the blood trickling down into the sink.

    There is a knock at the door before Renee enters.

    'Harriet? May I come in?'

    'What do you want?'

    'I just wanted to get you for a couple of minutes to talk about the match. Is this a bad time?'

    'Does it look like a good time?'

    'Let me guess, you want to know how I feel about my loss?' Renee nods. 'How do you think I feel?'

    'Disappointed.' Harriet turns her head to look Renee in the eye and sneers at the blonde woman. Harriet still clutches the sink tightly.

    'That doesn't even begin to cover it. I was so, so close- I could almost touch that victory. I could have beaten the champion. Title fight or not- do you even know what that could have done for me?'

    Renee remains silent and still, watching Harriet as she finally releases her grip on the sink. She turns back to the sink and stares at her own reflection.

    'It would have finally proved to everybody, once and for all, that everything I say is true. That I'm not some sports model playing wrestler.'

    'If I can say something, you performed incredibly well. People have commented that for somebody so new, you have already shown what a force you are- there is definitely no reason to be ashamed.'

    Harriet turns around, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear before her hands fall to her sides and curl into tight fists.

    'I assumed that you did your research- If you did, you would know that I don't do shame. The only thing taking another loss has done is fuel the fire some more. You see Renee, the more I get held down, the more damage I am going to cause. I'm not just going to hurt people- I'm going to maim anybody and everybody that the management throw at me until I get what is mine.'

    Harriet throws on her hoodie, tugging the hood over head and grabbing her gym bag.

    'You can pass the message on to the rest of the IWT.'
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