Storyline Post Royal Rumble WHC Match

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  1. We go backstage and we see Alias Antonio and an exhausted Christian going through the curtains into the back. A reporter with an arm sling approaches both of them.

    Carson: Christian! Congratulations on winning the World Heavyweight Championship out there against Nick. How do you feel right now?

    Christian gets a hold of his breath before speaking.

    Christian: What's up with the arm sling?

    Carson: Well -

    Christian: Don't care. You know what, I feel great. I feel absolutely great! People like to think of me as a joke, like to think I'm not competition, like to think they can waltz around me in the ring! Well let me tell you something...

    Nick underestimated me. He underestimated me, because he was a young kid with a big mouth! I told everyone that 2015 would be my year! And within three weeks time I am now a two time IWT Tag-Team Champion and a three time World Heavyweight Champion! So you're asking me, how I feel?!

    Christian glares at Carson

    Well I feel awesome! But I'll even feel better when my partner here Alias beats Joey Bryant for the IWT Championship. We are Legends! We are Champions! We are... The Dynasty!

    Christian and Alias walk back to the locker room so Alias can prepare for his match against Joey Bryant later tonight.
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