Post some examples of WWE's clear lack of long term planning

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  1. 1.) Brodus Clay- comes in, squashing jobbers, destroys DZ in a mini feud, and is now jobbed out in short matches on Raw to Anthony Cesaro
    2.) Tensai- comes in like a bat out of hell, main events, goes over Cena, and is now jobbed out in brief matches on Raw to Ryback

    add to the list
  2. Edge and Christian once being brothers, all of a sudden just best friends is one that always I caught odd.
  3. 3) Tazz debuts and ends Kurt Angle's unbeaten streak, and then does little to nothing.
  4. Examples - The Nation - Disbanded with no thought gone into it,
    Evan & Kofi Kingston as tag champs. Evan injured and the title was not seen for months
    Mr Kennedy drafted to RAW - Did nothing on the show. Hyped a return and competed in one match, lost all hype
    PTP - won #1 contenders spot never had the match
    Kane's return - Pushed aside for Cena/Rock, Cena defeats Kane ending monster reign
    Cena vs Rock - Was meant to be for WWE Title then decided to go against it
    Big Show's heel turn - Lost to Cena that month
  5. D'Lo Brown returned, defeated Santino who at the time was a Intercontinental champion, gained a little hype, then gone.
  6. I want the Brodus Clay they sold to us last year. Funkasaurus is fun for the kids so maybe keep him but maybe make him have a dual personality and bring back the bohemith.
  7. Hunico being a badass high flyer as the other Sin Cara, then all of a sudden he can't do all that anymore as Hunico :haha:
  8. The Nexus
    The WCW/ECW invasion
    WWE's version of NWO
    CM Punk's title reign
  9. Also, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler in general.
  10. Completely forgot about that. You know what sucked about DB's title reign. When he was getting over with the fans they stripped it away from him. I was there for the beginning of the yes chants and every one there was pissed that he lost.
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  11. Cena losing to Rock at WM, taking an F5, and jobbing to Tensai. Looked like they could set up some kind of different thing to do with Cena, maybe a "lost his mojo" angle which would be great for when he faced Rock again...

    Yeah, so much for that.
  12. Yep. And now they made him switch to NO! chants and try telling us that the fans hate him and are just trying to annoy him :haha: :dafuq:
  13. 1. John Cena/Punk feud continuation, than Ryback comes out of no where.
  14. Whonico?

    How that guy just got magically lost in the shuffle is beyond me. I like him a lot.
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  15. :upset: He is such a badass. I couldn't beg any harder for him to be in the cara/rey teams, even since we knew he would job. Still cant get over that badass finisher he had on superstars, and then just disappeared.
  16. Hunico for X Division Champio... damn, if I keep saying that even TNA won't have anything to do with all the talent WWE is wasting.