Storyline Post Survivor Series - Celebration

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  1. We get a glimpse of the ring and there are couches setup, a widescreen TV, some champagne and women. #PeepShow

    Christian comes out to a mixed ovation as he steps out on stage wearing street clothes. He does his usual shtick taunting the crowd, but seems more cocky than usual.

    Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, CHRISTIAN!

    Two women in the ring sit on the middle ring ropes so Christian can come through with ease. He proceeds to go through the ropes and falls onto the couch comfortably. One of the women passes a microphone to Christian and they both sit beside him on each side.

    The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Christian signals them to quiet down.

    Christian: First off, I'd like to say to the ring announcer, decent job AT BEST at announcing on who I am. I am not only Christian, but I am a man who was on the winning team last night at Survivor Series! You know, last night will be a night to remember, last night will be a top contender for PPV of the year, last night we figured out that I am still undefeated in 2014! *Crowd gives off a mixed reaction but mostly boos* Now I don't care if you guys go by statistics or not, I don't give a shit, but the facts still remain that I am undefeated to this day... IN. THIS. YEAR!

    Crowd once again gives off mixed reaction and start chanting you got pinned.

    Christian: I got pinned? I GOT PINNED?! Let me ask you marks a question, did my team lose? Did the team that I was on, LOSE?! That's what I thought! Dat Kid might want to put himself on such a high pedestal in which he will always look down on everyone, but if he were in the match instead of me, you goddamn best believe that Alias would no longer be employed in the IWT! I've done which many failed to do, and that was to knock the wind out of IWT Hall of Famer, Aids Johnson!

    Christian: You see, it took them ONE Death Valley Driver, ONE Shining Wizard and ONE Aidsbuster to defeat me! *Christian motioned his fingers as he counted out the finishers*

    Christian smirks as he places the microphone closer to his mouth

    Christian: But it only took ONE... of my spears on Aids to finish him off! And we beat Team IWT so bad, SO BAD! That TRIP had resigned from his position as IWT General Manager. And many of you fans and superstars in the back may be feeling sympathy towards him, but not me, ohoho no! You see, Trip is a sore loser. He's a sore loser and this business does not need people like him, so good riddance on him leaving and good riddance that we won't have to deal with his downright awful and shitty booking!

    Christian: Oh and by the way, Jwab? I know we haven't talked in a while, I know we haven't seen each other in a while before last night, but it seems that you like to spread lies saying that your supposed "stunt double" was the man I defeated at Wrestlemania. Jwab, let me tell you this right now... there can only be one you. There can be only one you, because there isn't a man in this company or in this world that I've seen that is uglier than you to this day! You were ugly back then and you're just as ugly right now! Decent performer at best if we compare you to the likes of Michael!

    Christian: Now enough of those irrelevant stars, this is a time to celebrate! *Christian grabs a bottle a champagne*

    Christian: Team FSW, I know you're in the back there preparing for a bright future after our victory! But before I call you guys out to celebrate, I'd like to call out a man... my tag-team partner... and a person who I'm glad to call my friend. Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome, the leader of Team FSW, ALIAS ANTONIO!
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  2. *Alias' theme hits the PA System for the first time since that epic Survivor Series match, where he saved his own career and defeated Team IWT. He walks out on stage to a surprisingly big pop, wearing his ring attire. He's still slightly hurting after the war he was involved in, but he still manages to run down to the ring, a smirk taking over his face. Alias enters the ring and shakes Christian's hand. Alias goes up the turnbuckle and roars, lifting his arms up in enthusiasm. He then grabs a mic.*

    Being able to be here tonight is

    *Alias contains his emotions, as the crowd begin to chant "A-LI-AS!".*

    Being able to be here tonight feels special to me. It means that all of the hard work and grooming I've put into myself and FSW, all the words I've been preaching, everything leading up to last night's momentous occasion has paid off. In the most sweetest way. I saved my career for the second time this year, I reached the 20th win in my IWT career, and my team did me proud.

    I, that's right, I molded, assembled and GUIDED a team to greatness, no wait, they GUIDED themselves to greatness because I gave them that silver platter but they turned it into GOLD brother! Not Dat Kid's team, not Mr. Smith's team, but ALIAS FUCKING ANTONIO's TEAM, TEAM FSW! I'm sorry your ego can't recognize MY hard work Jabri. I saved your ass, I saved "your company". I saved that gargantuan EGO of yours. But that's fine and all. I should have known better from Dat Kid. And now it seems that he wants to fight me? Bring it on. Name a time, date and place and I'll show up almost instantly to kick your ass. I've had enough of your lies and that "air of superiority" you seem to mantain to this day EVEN when YOU know that you're not half as good as you once were. I'm sure people are talking about Joey Bryant vs. Dat Kid at Wrestlemania. But trust me, they'll never be able to see it, because if you really want to fight me, I guarantee you wouldn't make it out as one piece. When I face you next time, it's all or nothing.

    *Alias now looks at Christian.*

    Before I get started on something else, congratulations on Nick for capturing his first ever major title after cashing-in on Joey Bryant. I've seen that man grow over time and he's become one of the finest wrestlers I've ever laid eyes on. And now he holds one of the most meaningful titles I've ever laid eyes on. The World Heavyweight Championship. I'll be back with that in due time Nichoas, believe that. I'll regain what I never lost. But like I said, in due time.

    Now onto current subjects. I'd like to adress the IWT and truly express my feelings on it. I do not hate the IWT, I never have. It's a special home for me that cannot be replicated anywhere else. I did what I did not because I hated the IWT, but because I hated who ran it. My mission was simple. Not destroy the IWT, but the destroy that plague that has turned it into a shithole, OPEN PEOPLE'S EYES before it was too late, and I'm glad to announce that that is exactly what I did. Trip has been exterminated, and Jono has less and less power each time, IWT will now regain it's former glory and become what it was always meant to be. A WRESTLING company.

    But if there was one thing that's been troubling me since last night, it's Midas. Yeah, that's right, the guy who I pinned with his very own move. The self-proclaimed "Mr. IWT". Current Euro champion and Tag Champion.

    Even though I pinned you, I feel like we have some unsettled business, something unfinished. You see, me and my buddy Christian over here are, lets face it, next in line for the Tag Titles after we win this tournament. But I want more, Midas. I want what you've got, and I want it because I know I can take it . I know I can beat you. I know I can. I know I can beat your sorry ass partner, infact I have beaten your sorry ass partner already this year.

    I don't ask for a lot, but do what's right Midas, right the wrong you've commited by playing as Trip's puppet and give me a Euro title shot. You've let down almost everybody at this point, so you wouldn't want to let me down now would you?

    *Alias smirks*
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  3. Christian looks onto Alias and smirks as well

    Christian: You know, Alias... It seems that we have something in common once again. I mean, lets face it. It's obvious to me, to us and should be to the world that we'll be the finalists of the tag-team tournament. SO I ASK THIS?!

    Christian: Why wait until the tournament is over? You see, even though we had one of the greatest bouts and victories last night.

    *Christian clenches one of his fists repeatedly*

    Christian: It seems that I'm still aching for a fight! SO MIDAS & DRAKE, THE DESPERADOES! Why don't we get this over with, you two with your tag-team championships on the line, TONIGHT!? What do you say?!
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