Post them snacks.

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  1. What is the most common snack you turn to when you're feeling a little naughty?

    Yeah, I just used the word naughty.
  2. Galaxy Caramel or Flumps.
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    Yakee is a rounded gum coated with a very sour flavor. It is the local version of the very expensive Cry Baby Gum. Cry Baby, by that time is P5.00 and not every kids can afford that. But when Yakee came, for only P1.00, Cry Baby just disappeared all of a sudden. Yakee gum has been a trip of all the kids up to now, it’s not delicious, but because of it’s very sour taste kids came running after it.

    Pintoora Bubble is the very sweet gum that the color comes out when wet and will color your entire mouth with a very dark tint. Pintoora came from the Filipino term “Pintura” meaning paint.

    I eat it when I feel "naughty" because they are not allowed for me, 'cause I have braces. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
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    Pretty much the only snack I eat. Usually if I snack I eat a piece of fruit or a slice of bread & butter.
  5. Oh I'm euantor and I'm mr healthy.

    Fuck you.
  6. Fruit > biscuits. It tastes better and is cheaper.
  7. Probably:

  8. Need to ask?

    Haribo/Monster :emoji_slight_smile:)
  9. Whatever is in the house accompanied by Irn Bru. I really feel naughty after that.
  10. :yes:
  11. I hv never heard of any of these snacks.
    In Ohio we hv War Heads (Extremely Sour Candy) Recee PB Cups (My Fav). I usually Eat apples or banana's. Sometimes I get Ice Cream when hanging out witj friends
  12. They are brit snacks, that is why. lol

    Well, we have Haribo gummy bears.

  13. Speaking of brit snacks, you monsters won't let us have Kinder!!!
    I NEED MY BUENO BARS! :upset:

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  14. It hurts me on a spiritual level that we can't have those here.
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