Storyline Post-Uprising - Christian

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  1. We get a look at the titantron and we're in the backstage area. Backstage interviewer Carson approaches Christian who is walking towards his locker room after his match with Dat Kid.

    Carson: Christian! May I have a word with you on your match?

    Christian stops and looks at Carson.
    Christian: Well I'd hope so because that's your fucking job. What do you want?!

    Carson: First of all, congratulations on your big victory against Dat Kid. How do you feel after that near 30 minute match?

    Christian: Well like any normal human being, I'm exhausted! I can barely breathe, my body is numb and I just want to go home and sleep. Maybe drink a little vodka, smoke a bit of weed after that victory tonight. I mean, kudos to Dat Kid for his performance tonight as well, he didn't miss a beat. But neither did I and that's why I'm your World Heavyweight Champion!

    Carson: So last week, Lee announced that he would be facing Alias at Wrestlemania for his IWT championship. That leaves the winner of the Elimination Chamber match to compete against you for your World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. Who is your pick to win that match tonight?

    Christian: It doesn't matter who wins that match tonight. Whether I have to face Nick, Gav, Jwab, Kaizer, Drake, Aids or the world...

    This championship is staying around my waist until the day I die.
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  2. For a moment Christian looks shocked. The camera pans out to see Victoria Parker, standing only several feet away from him. A smile forms on her lips as she gives out a small laugh.


    "Are you sure about that?" Without another word, Victoria intertwines her fingers behind her back and skips off down the hallway.
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  3. Back off my girl BITCH
  4. Camera cuts to Kaizer mid match

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  5. Carson: What the hell? What's Victoria Parker doing in the Uprising Zone?!? Dat ass doe.

    Christian slaps Carson silly and he falls on the floor.

    Christian: If I ever hear you say that again, you won't speak ever again. Understand?!!

    Carson looks horrified and nods his head. Christian walks away towards his locker room which is coincidentally the way Parker went.

    ~Later that night~

    Christian takes a hit on his bong.


    You're such a diva.
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  6. I'll kill you
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