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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Shadow, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Thought I'd put some hq content in this section.
  2. The one with Gohan on it
  3. My Mick Foley background is no longer available :grumpy: So, I had to go with the plain gray background.

  4. Solidus has the best one IMO.
  5. The red is pretty sic.
  6. I doubt this even possible but it would be cool if you could choose through a number of different logos.
  7. I'm surprised the staff layout looks so similar to ours. I expected more bells and whistles.
  8. The bells and whistles are inside the forums in the forum list. I'm not sure if there is a mod panel but the admin panel is where you can control everything and it's really cool.
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  9. Nice. Being a mod would be pretty nice, if I had the knack for it.
  10. I was a mod for like 4 hours.
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  11. Best post I've read in two weeks.
    You mind if I quote in my sig?
  12. Sure.

    Just to clear it up, they were given to me by accident it wasn't because I just went crazy when I got mod powers.
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