Post your Twitter accounts.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by True Warrior, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Post your Twitter accounts here.
  3. https:emoji_confused:/
  4. Sure I made a thread about this put oh well..

  5. @therealdannyw
  6. @acailler
  7. Like I wan u guys following my awesomeness
  8. https:emoji_confused:/
  9. @LiveLifeTheGaming
  10. @JennDiala

    I barely use it though. I only use it when there's an occasion.
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  11. @BBCGiver
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  12. follow @TheOvalhead for banter that is neither witty or memorable
  13. This thread is OLD! :angry:
  14. Thought you cool cats were all about the Instagram nowadays?

    Or "da IG" or "tha gram" or "insta-g-rizzle" or whatever the hell you cool kids are calling it
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  15. Still don't have one... Don't even have a facebook...

    I'm so uncool :downer: :why:
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