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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Xanth, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I just want to know what kind of things you guys watch on YT.

    I'll start:

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  2. Ugh, you're so fucking camp.
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  4. Lmfao massive bush?
  5. I'm subscribed to WoodysGamertag. If you're a minecraft fan I presume you're subscribed to Syndicate?
  6. Nope, I don't like his stuff.
    For Minecraft I'm subscribed to ChimneySwift11, AntVenom, SkitScape, CavemanFilms, and SkyDoesMinecraft.
  7. Anyone here watch Soprano Pictures?
    Crayo, I used to really like Syndicate but I think he's just doing the same thing now, got a bit bored of him. :(
    The only gameplay I watch really is Pewdiepie and KSI, and very very rarely the Yogscast.
  8. Fairs, he is boring tbh. I'm there for his CoD 4 race to prestige, love that game. You subscribed to hutch (shaun0728)? Not minecraft, CoD guy mainly.

    KSI :gusta:
  9. Nah, Hutch is old school, doesn't do a lot now.
    For COD I'm subscribed to TmarTn, WoodysGamertag, KYR SP33DY, Deluxe4, Drift0r, MinnesotaBurns, NobodyEpic, Matroix, MsHeartAttack, StraightUpKnives, Vikkstar123, ON1LAUGH7, H2O Delirious, and HiddenMasters.
    I have lots..
  10. Ceebs posting but mine would be the last few tunes I posted here! Plus a sneaky FAIL update!
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  12. Oh an possibly some Jorgie Porter Hollyoaks footage! LMAO
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