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    A handheld camera suddenly turns on, initially all we can see is two sets of legs as we look down at the floor. The camera is messed with for a few more seconds before finally being brought up to face height, we are greeted by the sight of Rio Nakayama very close to the camera, it's pitch black on the streets we're filming except for the light being provided by now dim lamp posts. Of what we can see, Nakayama isn't in his usual getup when filming promos, instead he is wearing very casual clothes and his hair is dishelved and long compared to it's normal smart medium-length trim. When he speaks, it's hectic, suddenly getting louder before almost becoming an inaudible silence.

    "I was just here in Chicago, admiring the Sights, just another Japanese wrestler on visit as Nick once told me, when it dawned on me that I was doing this much less often then when I first came here. Oh yeah, I was doing this near every damn day when I first got here, I was playing up to the stereotype of asian tourist alright."

    "THE ONLY DIFFERENCE WAS, I wasn't enjoying the sights back then like I am tonight, now I know you're starting to think that this is some convoluted advertisement for the tourist attractions of Chicago with all the rambling I'm doing so I'll cut to the chase! I wasn't enjoying it back then because I wasn't showing this country, it's people or even IWT a single lick of respect! And it's funny because back then I was wondering, I was wondering, wondering and wondering why! Oh why were the people booing me out of the building every time I took a step towards the ring? But now? I get it, I get it because I'm currently on the recieving end of disrespect myself! And IT HURTS ME, it's kept me awake at nights! In fact that's why I took a train at 1am in the freaking morning just to get to Chicago to deliver this specific message!"

    Rio suddenly passes by the camera and it follows, when we get about half a block down the road a familiar building comes into view and Rio stops again to point dramatically at it.

    "THAT RIGHT THERE! December 2016, IWT Summit with 23,000 people packed inside the United Center here in Chicago, Illinois to watch disrespect DIE! I know that Kid, Antonio and Aids or whoever the hell makes up IW3 today! They don't give a shit about me! They don't give a shit about Rio Nakayama! You better believe that i've heard the rumours! They don't even want me in the match at Civil War! I'm apparentely not a BIG ENOUGH PLAYER or I don't 'DRAW ENOUGH' for them but I'm going to be there and I'm going to be here at IWT Summit and at both occassions we'll be facing off!"

    He randomly starts stamping the floor very fiercely.

    "I'm putting my foot down and I'm throwing down the challenge to Kid or Antonio! Hell even to Aids if he has the gall to show his face in the company again! No matter the result at Civil War! No matter the wins or losses we face in the coming months! I want one or maybe even all of you to face me for my TV title after I take it from that clown Eddy at Dragon Rising!"

    "See, I ain't afraid to play Russian Roulette! I ain't afraid to place bets where the reward ain't worth the risk! Make cheques my ass can't cash! Because I am sick and tired of being treated like a second-bit wrestler! So, lets not make this about IW3! Let's not make this about Bullad Club, forget them they're out of the picture for this! I just want my fair shot to prove that I should be considered among the best, even if it is a shot in the dark!"

    Visibly exhausted with bloodshot eyes and sweat running down his face, Nakayama takes a few moments to breathe and collect himself, he rapidly gazes around him before noticing a dirty postcard in the gutter on the side of the road, he bends down to pick it up.

    "Here I'll send you a postcard in case this message wasn't direct enough!"

    Nakayama forcefully shoves the postcard into the camera.
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  2. what the fuck is the IW3 and the bullad club
  3. stable WARS my friend

    IW3 = Aids, Kid and THG

    Bullad Club = Myself, Drag, Dojo and Aurtle
  4. Faggots
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