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  1. While I love it that other users are posting wrestling news in the wrestling sections, please read this new rule. No more posting of news that's combined. For example, "Cody Rhodes falls out with Vince, WWE Receives good ratings and Kane fell over". Split them up into different threads because these are constantly being posted in the wrong sections.

    Remember, news about a superstar goes into their brand section (RAW or SmackDown), news about WWE in general goes in "General WWE" and news about RAW or SmackDown go in those sections. Please report any threads in the wrong section by clicking "Report" and "Wrong Section".

  2. Thanks for clearing this up. I personally have done this in the past however separating them will allow individual discussion per news article and it only makes things cleaner.
  3. OK Crayo, I approve this. :ace:
  4. so basically, we have a make 3 different threads for news now. nice idea for getting more posts/threads.
  5. Nope. If you think the news is going to be pointless then don't post it. News about DVD's or RAW's locations etc don't need to be posted. Most of the combined news have at least one section which no one gives a crap about. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Good post Cray Bay
  7. Yep, that's a good rule Crayo, I approve!
  8. discouraging to make thread news @[Crayo]
  9. ... :dafuq:?
  10. How is it? It's a logical response to stop reposts. You just need to copy and past various reports.
  11. Bump. Seen some threads like these. Just a reminder.
  12. This is sometimes why I had reposted some of the same news. I will admit I have done it before but this has cleared it all.
  13. Kane fell over?????????

    My first post in 5 days =D
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