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  1. Reagan Cole is seen backstage in a red t-shirt with the words The Cole Way!, drinking a bottle of water as he notices the camera and tries to walk away but a interviewer comes out of nowhere and starts to ask him stuff

    Interview: Erm...Reagan, I have some questions if you don't mind me asking

    Reagan: I do mind but you're not going away untill I answer your questions so let's do this

    Interviewer: Okay so what are your thoughts and feelings against Jack Forte after the match you just had with him?

    Reagan: I knew he was going to be a challenge and in the end I couldn't defeat him. But like I said in the ring, Me and him had an amazing match but I gave up in the end.

    Interviewer: What do you mean you gave up?

    Reagan: I couldn't be bothered anymore because I realised something out there tonight. IWT hasn't changed since last time I was here, let's point out the facts. I made my debut two years ago in the royal rumble and tell me, interviewer. What was Alias Antonio doing?

    Interviewer: My name is Sean but I believe Alias won the X-divison championship

    Reagan: ah, I see. Antonio won the championship that he would go on to defend against me and Aiden Ryan. Excellent stuff now what was Aids doing?

    Sean: He fought against Victoria Parker for the IWT Championship an-

    Reagan: And that's the problem. Notice how these guys have been on top of the past two years while many talented people came in and out of IWT. Aiden Ryan, Al Poppin, Justin Magnus, Prince Bálor, Edward Coleman, Ricky Daniels, The girl Aids himself mentored himself Harriet Vargas. All of these people came in with so much potential but they were stopped because IWT was more interested in the megastars. That's why I left the first time because I became a joke because I was trying to get the top and I was so desperate that I threw all of my respect and dignity away so I could be a goofy guy in a mask doing flippy shit. And I was hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE. They might finally see something in me that allowed me to be in the same category as them but it never happened. I even pleaded the GM into trying to get me on team IWT against team FSW and you wanna know what he did? He and Jwab attacked me after a tag match. That's when I left the first time because I realised what this company actually fought of me.

    Then I said that I would come back and prove to them that I would be able to beat the top players in the game and now I just lost to one of them! NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Alias Antonio and Aids Johnson are still fighting over the IWT championship. I mean that entire title bracket was just to build up 3 fucking guys. Jwab. Antonio. Johnson. That was it. A few guys have actually came through the crack in the glass ceiling. Bruce Knight, Gav The Chav and Michael are perfect examples. They made it and won the championship but how long was it until they were brought back to earth? A month? two maybe? Hell Michael had to try to induct himself into the hall of fame just to remain relevant and now he's facing Ryan Davis. It doesn't change. The same people will be at the top. And let me make this clear, once I leave after Summerslam. Slowly other people will realise what I have finally realised, you can't get to the top because the top will forever be surrounded by the same guys. That's why I'm leaving.

    Sean: I see so there are rumors about a Reagan Cole leaving tour, care to explain to us what that it is?

    Reagan: It's easy, it will be to showcase the guys with so much potential. That's why I want a match every week on VICE until Summerslam to focus on the guys who have pushed down. But I do have a special opponent who will be debutting at Summerslam and who I will pass the torch to, in a way. But that doesn't mean I'm going out with a loss because I'm still bringing the best of my abilities to that very ring. So the leaving tour will begin on VICE and I already have a opponent in mind. And that's....The Cole Way.

    Reagan throws the water bottle over his shoulder as he walks away and the camera starts to fade to black
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