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    OOC: Revamping my characters look FYI

    *The scene opens with a wide shot from the outside of the IWT gym on a nice sunny day. Slowly fading to a shot in the gym we can see many known IWT talents, even some yet unknown ones, working out and sparring with others. The camera turns to the area of the gym with weight machines and Trip in the Head can be seen on the butterfly machine doing quick reps with a lighter weight. As the camera zooms in on Trip he can be seen increasing the weight by quite a bit before he sits back down and slowly and methodically knocks out some more reps. As the camera gets closer we can see that Trip has changed his look. Gone is the long hair. Replaced with a shaven head. His dark eyes usually lined with make up are now clear. He wears a pair of wrestling trunks colored a dark green with matching boots and his wrists are taped up. He looks into the camera as they approach*

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    Triple H render.jpg

    TRIP: Welcome to the IWT training facility. One of the few places I enjoy hanging out nowadays. Surrounded by REAL talent from the IWT and not those other second rate companies. Excuse me.

    *Trip sits back and does a few more reps on the machine, sweat forming on his brow. He stands up when he is done and grabs a drink of a water bottle*

    Come on - follow me. I want to show you something.

    *Trip starts walking towards one of the rings set up in the gym. The guys practicing in the ring see him coming and exit the ring almost immediately. The crowd around the ring parts like the Red Sea did for Moses as Trip walks through it. He hops up on the apron and addresses the crowd of present and future superstars as a few clap for Trip*

    Thank you thank you, but I have something I would like to say to all of you. *Trip's attitude gets very serious* There is a war coming. There is another wrestling organization out there, one that shall remain nameless for now, that is looking to topple this force known as IWT that we all know and love. So get ready - because I will be calling on some of you to fight for the company you love. Train hard. Study your opponent. And be original. For example...

    *Trip slips through the ropes*

    Now who would like to volunteer to take a bump from the new finisher I have been working on?


    *More silence as the superstars around the ring look at each other with a 'Not It' look on their face.*

    Fine. You *Trip points at a random trainee who has yet to debut in IWT yet* get up here.

    *The trainee gets up into the ring and gets ready to enter a collar and elbow tie up with Trip. The two lock arms and fiercely vie for the upper hand in the situation. Trip ends up slipping behind the trainee holding his arm behind his back. The trainee counters by slipping under his own arm, rotating and ending up in the same position Trip just was. Trip smiles with amusement. Trip does the same counter, but when he pulls on the trainees arm to bring him close he puts the trainee's neck in the nook of his elbow and turns so there backs are together (OOC: Think Orton's back-breaker). Trip then uses his other hand to grab the trainees legs, lifting him up so his back was now perpendicular to Trip's. Trip in the Head then leaps up slightly and falls back not only ramming the trainee's face and front torso into the mat, but landing on top of him as well. The superstars around the ring gasp as Trip hits the move and rolls the trainee over for the 3 count. Trip stands up and moves to the edge of the ropes while officials attend to the trainee behind him*

    And that, my friends, is what I like to call 'The Power Trip'.

    *reluctant applause from the crowd as Trip exits the ring and heads back to the weights*

    OOC: Feel free to add to this if you like guys
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    *As Drake sees the cameras pass him he gets down in the push up position, and starts to count "1000, 1001, 1002!" and keeps going.*
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  3. Michael is seen dead lifting weights in the weight room.

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  4. *gav the chav is sat at home polishing his IWT belt whilst watching whilst watching the events unfold on tv*

    ( Gav the chav) who needs gyms when you're on top of the world That joey bryant ain't getting his hands on MY belt!

    *gav changes the channel and continues to admire his belt*
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  5. Chris Kaizer walks in

    Wow, so many people getting plastic surgery....
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  6. Eric Draven walks out from the toilet carrying a newspaper.
    He strolls out shouting along the way.

    ED : Now then lads I'd recommend avoiding that for more than a 3 count.
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  7. Farooq comes in trying to make another gimmick out of body building, but the camera fades away before he is shown.
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