News PPV Name Changed?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jul 22, 2013.

  1. I always hated 'Over the Limit', it sounds really lame.
  2. Hmm, Weird name change. Battleground sounds shit tbh.
  3. That's because Cena lost to Laurinaitis.
  4. THANK GOD! I would not wanted to go to a ppv in buffalo called Over The Limit the ppv alway suck! and buffalo alway get the crap ppv when that come here. I like the ppv "Battleground" though i wish that would have brought one of the old ppv name back. I think that should just have hell in the cell ppv still be it ppv gimmick but give it a new name. Battleground is a good one.
  5. It's an alright new name.
  6. Over the Limit sound very WWE-like.

    Battleground souns very WOW-like.
  7. Battleground sounds sweet. I'm supposed to be going to this show in Buffalo.
  8. Not a big deal but I was fine with Over The Limit. There's already been three of them and it had close association with the former PPV name Over The Edge. Battleground sounds alright, I just don't see the point in changing the name of a PPV except for the hell of it (same with Payback, I would have still be fine using the historical name No Way Out like they did last year.)
  9. Battleground? WTF LAME. I could have thought of a million better names.
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  10. Well, lets hear them....
  11. Most PPV names are pretty meh, we just get used to them after a while. I mean it's not like "Over The Limit" was some uniquely-otherworldly-amazing name anway.
  12. Buffalo NY? Fuck those idiots ZERO @Fuckwhichmpdudewasitagain? George?
  13. Not too keen on the new name but I felt the same way about Payback and that turned out to be an ok PPV. The name won't matter as long as the PPV is good.
  14. Danielsonground
  15. I hated the name "Over The Limit", and yes, I hoped they just brought back old titles. I especially love "The Great American Bash", & "Backlash". Still love Cyber Sunday into bits.
  16. With a name like that I would bring back a good old fashioned War games match.
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  18. You win this round :willis:
  19. Yes a PPV in Buffalo! I went to Armeggedon back in 08 haven't been to a ppv since then.
    Wait... Your from buffalo...